Eco Committee

Our Eco-Committee has pupils from each class who volunteered for the role to be their class Eco representative. The school Eco-Committee is split into Upper (P4-P7) and Lower (P1-P3).  This year we have three action plan:
  1. Climate action. We plan to achieve this action plan by reducing our school’s carbon footprint. So far, we have given each classroom a sign to ask them to switch off their lights when they are not in use!
  2.  Litter: We plan to achieve this action plan by reducing the amount of litter on school grounds. We have been achieving this goal by volunteering to pick up litter during break. Some teachers have even created bar graphs showing their findings of litter in the playground.
  3. Biodiversity: We plan to achieve this action by creating a more biodiversity school environment. We hope to achieve this by growing some fruit, vegetables or flowers in the upcoming months. We will be planning in creating a Bug Hotel too.