Welcome to my blog!


I am aiming to help as many teachers and schools across Scotland develop their digital skills by looking at different ways to fully embed digital learning into pedagogy.  Digital technologies should not be an add-on, or seen as something to replace effective teaching and established methods.  They are a means to further engage learners and enhance our already fantastic practice.  The evolution of digital education is not something to be feared; it’s something to be celebrated!  When we fully embrace digital learning, we will be better preparing our learners for their future as there won’t be a job in the future that doesn’t require digital skills.

As a primary teacher, my main focus will be on pedagogy from early to second level of Curriculum for Excellence, but I do hope that this blog is something that will benefit colleagues in all levels of education across Scotland and further afield.

This year, I am in class part-weekly so will be looking at areas of the curriculum in addition to digital learning.


I am very active on Twitter, and would love to continue to expand my PLN.  Please tweet me: @mrfeistsclass.