GCC Consultations

As you may remember, earlier this year, Glasgow City Council Education Services conducted  two public consultations on –  1) to amend secondary school entry criteria and 2) placing request criteria for mainstream schools.


a)    Secondary School Entry Criteria


The purpose of this consultation was to align the entry criteria across all 30 Glasgow city council mainstream secondary schools by making all 30 delineated secondary schools, i.e. the single entry criterion for all secondary schools being a defined geographical catchment area.


b)    Placing Request Criteria for Mainstream Schools


The purpose of this consultation was to review and improve the placing request criteria for mainstream schools (primary and secondary).


Education Services’ responses to the consultations will be considered by the City’s Administration Committee at the end of January 2019. The responses are now available on the Glasgow City Council website at www.glasgow.gov.uk/schoolconsultations.

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