Your child will have a Seesaw page where they will be able to view their learning, post their achievements and more.  The parent/carer Seesaw app allows you to communicate with your class’ teacher and view your child’s learning and progress.  Please email if you do not currently have access to your child’s Seesaw account.


Our school is very active on Twitter and as such finding tweets relating specifically to your child’s class can take some time.  You can use the below search to find the tweets about your child’s class:

P1a – #MossparkP1a
P1b – #MossparkP1b
P2 – #MossparkP2
P3/2 – #MossparkP32
P3 – #MossparkP3
P4 – #MossparkP4
P5/4 – #MossparkP54
P5 – #MossparkP5
P6 – #MossparkP6
P7/6 – #MossparkP76
P7 – #MossparkP7

Remember to also follow us on Twitter, @MossparkPS (please note, to follow us please email to let us know your username and the name of your child/class, as our account is private)

If you don’t currently have twitter, and would like help in setting up an account, please speak to Mr Feist who will be happy to assist you.