Helping My Child at School

Life of the School

At Mosspark we actively encourage and welcome parent/ carer engagement in the life of our school by :

  • Coming along to open afternoons and assemblies.
  • Commenting on your child’s written report card.
  • Ensuring attendance at formal parents’ evenings.

In home learning activities you can support your child by :

  • Encouraging and helping children to organise and complete all pieces of work.
  • Being actively involved when homework is being completed.
  • Acknowledging homework by signing / initialling / commenting.

Please support pupils in their learning by :

  • Making sure your child comes to school every day.
  • Making sure your child is at school on time.
  • Making sure your child comes appropriately dressed for school, ready to learn.


In Mosspark Primary School, we value homework because:-

• It helps develop an effective partnership between school and parents and other carers in pursuing the aims of the school.

• It reinforces concepts, ideas and work habits learned at school.

• It gives pupils a chance to practise skills they are acquiring at school in a different setting.

• It offers pupils a chance to develop independent work habits.

• It can be used to encourage pupils to seek information from alternative sources to those available in school – local libraries, or by interviewing adults.

Homework activities vary depending on the focus on each class, although we encourage pupils to read each evening whether from school readers, novels, magazines, newspapers or reference books.
Information regarding homework planned for your child’s class will be found on the term planning sheets which are sent home at the beginning of each term.

Ethos and Values

As in every school, we have rules to ensure the safety and well being of everyone in the school community.  Good behaviour also allows all children the best opportunity to learn.