Parental Update 3rd August

Parents and Carers of our new S1 should receive a letter through the post this week confirming the registration class of their child. If you have not received this information for your child by the end of this week, please contact our school office on 0141 582 0100.
More information for all families on our plans for returning to school will be issued on Wed of this week via GroupCall and email and also added to our school website.

Anyone wishing to purchase a new school tie can do so on Thursday 6th August at the following times:

11.00am –   11.30 am                    New S1 pupils
11.30am –   12.00pm                     S2 and S3 pupils

12.00 pm-   12.30pm                     S4 pupils

12.30pm –   1.00 pm                      S5 and S6 pupils

 We will be selling the ties at the entrance of our Main building. Parents/carers of should enter the school at our main gate on Oakfield Avenue.  The cost of our school tie is £8. Please bring the exact amount in cash as no change will be available.  You will be able to pick up the tie and then deposit the £8 in the box provided.