S5 Prelim Letter

S5 Prelim Examinations


Dear Parent / Carer,


Your child will be undertaking their S5 Prelim Exams from Monday 19th November – Tuesday 27th November.  Exam timetables have been issued.  Your child should only attend school on the days and times of their exams.  In order to make sure that these exams run smoothly it is important that all pupils arrive early for their exams in order to be registered. Pupils should register in the assembly hall 30 minutes before the beginning of each exam. Please see table below.

Exam start time


Registration time













It is vital that we have 100% attendance at these exams and there will be text message reminders going out the day before each exam to ensure all pupils attend on time. In order to help prepare your child for their prelims we have put in place a mini support package during PSE time, where pupils have had input on study skills, preparing for exams and exam motivation.  It is also vital that your child is studying at home and preparing for these exams.  If you have any questions regarding the prelim exams please contact me on 0141 582 0100 or sneil@hillheadhigh.glasgow.sch.uk


Yours sincerely,

Mr Neil

Depute Head Teacher (S5&S6)