HHS Remembers – Roy Douglas Harvey

‘HHS Remembers’project invites pupils, parents and the community to remember the Great War and it’s impact on our lives.

The project will take pupils into the trenches, bring alive the memories of former pupils who have fallen, investigate influential and inspiring people and reflect upon our own values and what it means to be kind, ambitious, have integrity, resilient and respectful.

Recently, the school was contacted by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission(CWGC) regarding a former pupil, Private Roy Douglas Harvey. Private Harvey was killed on 11th August 1918 during the Battle of Amiens. The inscription on his headstone, “My task accomplished and the long day done”, has inspired former poet laureate Sir Andrew Motion for his poem Armistice, which was commissioned by CWGC. Read more about Private Douglas, and Motions poem below.

Private Roy Douglas Harvey Royal Scots


  Andrew Motion uses headstone tributes to write new war …


Families of soldiers killed in the first world war had just 66 characters for their loved ones’ headstone inscriptions. Photograph: Alamy Some chose from the scriptures. Others, from literature …

‘Lest we forget’