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Exploring elements of planning with Denny Early Years Cluster

On Tuesday 16th April Yvonne McBlain from the Curriculum Support Team worked with 27 early years practitioners from the Denny cluster. She facilitated a workshop which explored how practitioners were integrating essential elements of assessment into their planning of interdisciplinary learning. The workshop gave these practitoners an opportunity to work with their establishment colleagues on 2 “challenges”. These challenges were designed to enable collaborative and individual self-evaluation of planning effective connected learning. They also supported identification of the most relevant next steps for partricipants. The session was designed to generate questions as well as providing access and guidance on next steps. Participants said that the session was “useful” “informative” “made you think” and was “well-designed and enjoyable”. Here is a selection of next steps identified by participants:

Further conversations with colleagues around planning

Think more about what our success criteria will be while planning – which should make evidence and assessment more relevant

Develop team’s ability to identify appropriate learning intentions and success criteria

Review approach to planning

Share with other staff (higher classes in school)

Learning Journey Visits

Daniel Barrie, Quality Improvement Officer and Karen Thomson, Senior Early Years Officer, Falkirk Council Curriculum Support Team are currently visiting all early years settings as a follow up to the Learning Journey training last year.

The purpose of these visits is to ascertain how each establishment are implementing Learning Journeys in their setting, for example:-

How individual children’s learning journeys are shown and tracked;

How the children’s interests  are informing the planning process;

How the learning journeys are demonstrating breadth, depth and progression?

How do the learning journeys show InterdisciplinaryLearning?

During this visit they will also be looking at Outdoor Learning within the nursery as well as planning and evaluation.  They will be collating information gathered during these visits to ascertain where Curriculum Support Team can support early years staff in preparation for CPL offered during session 2013/2014.