Homework 2.12.19 to 16.12.19

Primary 6 have an artistic challenge to round of 2019’s homework. Taking inspiration from the Strathbungo Winter Wanderland we would like you to use one window in your home to create an art installation which should be viewed from outside at night time. Many examples can be found online and I have included a selection below:

This does not need to be a stained glass window. It can be anything at all. You can making use of colour, transparent, translucent and opaque materials. You can create a display of something you collect, or your favourite toys, but you must think how to present them with the window framing your work. You could create a sculpture, one year a home had mountains created with sheets, a bike hung above that being ridden by a man created by stuffed clothes and a football. Another window was filled with balloons. You might want to share a message, you might want to create a snow scene for winter, ‘tis the season!

You should produce an annotated sketch of your plan before you begin. This should be brought into school with you on the 13th. We will be sharing our experiences, including any difficulties and how we overcame problems.

Share your work by taking a picture from outside your home, This can be ‘handed in’ on Teams or emailed to the school address. We will add the photos to the class blog for all to see. You could also invite your friends to come and see your work as the nights become dark earlier. It is up to you how long you keep your installation on display.


Have fun!