P5b Garden Gang

Primary 5b were delighted to help clear some space for our new Science Garden.

Sarah, Isabella, Dylan and Holly were looking for bulbs.

Samantha and Euan were clearing some mud.

Ryaan, Gordon, Sean and Tarun were making this area flat helped by Euan and Samantha.

Hannah and Zaydan enjoyed using the spades to clear an area.


Lily, Molly, Beth, Imogen and Alexis are clearing waste into the dump and dancing as they work!


Inaya and Murray were busy tidying the outdoor classroom.

Another group of busy children including Jenson, Ayaan, Darcey, Tomo and Hassan who had fun sharing the gardening tools.

The children were keen to find the remains of their goldfish called Finlay which was buried in this area in Primary 1. Thankfully Finlay wasn’t found!!!


Diversity Day


This is a little sneak peek at the  gym hall set up for Diversity Week.

P5b can’t wait for their turn tomorrow to see what’s going on.

We have heard that there are crafts to make and food from all around the world to sample. Luca from P5a made some delicious sweetcorn and coconut cake.

Thank you to Imogen’s mum and Abigail’s mum (P7a) for allowing us to take this lovely picture of them.  We will find out all about their little friend tomorrow.

K’Nex Challenge

Last week we participated in the East Renfreshire K’Nex Challenge. We had to build a bridge using K’Nex but it had to meet the following criteria:

  •      Be at least 19cm high (the height of a grey K’Nex rod)
  •  Be at least 30cm long (the length of a standard ruler)
  •  Have a strong robust structure to stand on its own.
  •  Be able to support the weight of a small bottle of water.
  •  Be able to open to allow tall river vessels to pass through safely.

At the end we had a secret vote to choose which one we thought met the specifications best. We chose Sean and Gordon’s – well done boys! They will now go forward to the next heat where they will compete with children from other schools. Good Luck 🙂

Here are the final three designs:

This was Shekina’s and Sophie’s, it made it to the final three!




Euan and Ryaan’s was a very close second!

* This was the winning bridge by Gordon and Sean *

Science Projects

The children have been presenting their science projects this morning. There have been posters, models and powerpoints of modes of transport that people may use in the future.

Very impressive work indeed! Well done P5b!


Charity Donation

After our Christmas Market we decided we would like to donate some of our profits to a charity. We had a vote and we decided on the Make A Wish Foundation. We were delighted to receive this certificate in the post today 🙂

Fantastic Friday Fun!

The children love choosing what to do for Friday Fun.

Here we have…

Miss Love teaching Sarah, Isabella and Beth and Miss Brand, the office manager passing on a message

Euan having fun dressing up Micky

Imogen, Anna, Saffa and Hannah using the foam shapes to make a Beanie Boo house.

Recently the children made keyrings with the resources they bought with our Enterprise money. More fun crafts to come.

Have a lovely weekend!

More Science week fun

The children went to Whitelees Windfarm yesterday and learned all about the wildlife and bog land in the windfarm and were given information about how the windmills work. They carried out experiments measuring the strength of the wind. I’m sure your child told you how windy it was! In the afternoon, we created our own windmill pictures using pastels and art straws. Sarah certainly captured the weather yesterday while Holly, Anna and Shekina preferred a nice warm image.

Science Fair

The children made posters to showcase their learning in science this year.  They chose a particular area of interest and made diagrams, wrote information and made the posters attractive and eye-catching.  Samantha and Tarun showcased their learning at the P1-3 Science Fair while the rest of the class spoke to P4 about their poster. Sarah had a group of fascinated children listening to her talk about separating mixtures!

Well done to P5 for all their fabulous work this week!

Science Week!

What a start to Science Week! We worked in teams to make balloon powered cars. Some worked really well…. and some needed a little bit of adapting 🙂 We were using many skills including problem solving, talking and listening and teamwork.


P5 Fun Run

The girls are ready for the Science Fun Run.

Gordon and Sarah are enjoying the Saturn hoops activity.


Inaya had a great time and came well prepared with a warm jacket and hat.