P5b Garden Gang

Primary 5b were delighted to help clear some space for our new Science Garden.

Sarah, Isabella, Dylan and Holly were looking for bulbs.

Samantha and Euan were clearing some mud.

Ryaan, Gordon, Sean and Tarun were making this area flat helped by Euan and Samantha.

Hannah and Zaydan enjoyed using the spades to clear an area.


Lily, Molly, Beth, Imogen and Alexis are clearing waste into the dump and dancing as they work!


Inaya and Murray were busy tidying the outdoor classroom.

Another group of busy children including Jenson, Ayaan, Darcey, Tomo and Hassan who had fun sharing the gardening tools.

The children were keen to find the remains of their goldfish called Finlay which was buried in this area in Primary 1. Thankfully Finlay wasn’t found!!!