Kirkhill Colouring

Hi everyone,

Here’s a colouring-in sheet of our school:Feel free to post a photo of your completed picture on Seesaw or tweet it to the school @KirkhillPS #KirkhillColouring

Click here for inspiration (Google Streetview)

Can’t wait time see them! 😀🎨

Active Spelling Fun

Over the past couple of weeks Primary 6b have been practicing their spelling words using lots of different active spelling strategies. In class we used play doh, pipe cleaners and letter stampers to practice our words. It was great fun!

Class Debate

This morning, the children held a debate. They chose to debate whether they should wear a school uniform or not.

Each person chose which side they wanted to be on.  Ayaan wrote some of the points on the whiteboard for ‘Against’ and Dylan wrote the opinions ‘For’ keeping a school uniform.

These are some of the points raised:


‘Wearing a school uniform takes away your identity because you might like bright colours and you have to wear grey.’


 ‘It takes too long to get ready in the morning. The collars are stiff, too many buttons and a tie to put on.’


 ‘You can choose clothes for the weather that day.’


 ‘You can wear your own clothes to gym and not have to change. I would wear a tracksuit on a gym day.’


 ‘The fabric in a school uniform isn’t comfortable when you are running around.’


 ‘You might want to wear clothes for your culture.’



‘It’s good to represent your own school and people might laugh at your own clothes.’


 ‘You might get lost when you go on a school trip.’


 ‘It takes too long to organise your own clothes and you need a lot of choices.’


 ‘Buying a school uniform is cheaper.’


 ‘Fundraising opportunities for wearing your own clothes to school. That way we make lots of money for our school.’


‘Wearing your school uniform makes your mind ready for school and you will concentrate better. It gives you a good routine.’



At the end of the debate Jenson offered a solution which many of the children on both sides cheered to,

‘Why don’t we wear a school uniform Monday to Thursday and have a dress down day on a Friday!’

The children loved debating this question. Sarah and Alexis were very passionate about this topic!



Termly overview

Have a look at our termly overview to see what we are learning in class.

Term 4 Overview P5b

Air Resistance Science Experiment

  • We are looking at how the size of a parachute affects the speed it falls at.
  • We discussed:
  • The height it is dropped from
  • The weight of the object
  • The size of the parachute

In groups, we made 3 parachutes of different sizes.  We measured using a ruler on black bin bags and cut them out.  Then we attached the same length of wool to all of them and 3 cubes.

Next we made predictions.  Which parachute has the most/least air resistance?

Then we went to the atrium and tested our parachutes.  We had a lot of fun doing this!

We returned to class and discussed our findings. We worked out the average time for each parachute.

Parents/Carers: Ask your child to tell you about the experiment and our findings.


P5 Show

Well done to P5 for putting on a fabulous show this morning!

We hope our morning audience enjoyed themselves and we are looking forward to doing all again this evening for more family and friends.


P5b Garden Gang

Primary 5b were delighted to help clear some space for our new Science Garden.

Sarah, Isabella, Dylan and Holly were looking for bulbs.

Samantha and Euan were clearing some mud.

Ryaan, Gordon, Sean and Tarun were making this area flat helped by Euan and Samantha.

Hannah and Zaydan enjoyed using the spades to clear an area.


Lily, Molly, Beth, Imogen and Alexis are clearing waste into the dump and dancing as they work!


Inaya and Murray were busy tidying the outdoor classroom.

Another group of busy children including Jenson, Ayaan, Darcey, Tomo and Hassan who had fun sharing the gardening tools.

The children were keen to find the remains of their goldfish called Finlay which was buried in this area in Primary 1. Thankfully Finlay wasn’t found!!!


More Science week fun

The children went to Whitelees Windfarm yesterday and learned all about the wildlife and bog land in the windfarm and were given information about how the windmills work. They carried out experiments measuring the strength of the wind. I’m sure your child told you how windy it was! In the afternoon, we created our own windmill pictures using pastels and art straws. Sarah certainly captured the weather yesterday while Holly, Anna and Shekina preferred a nice warm image.

Science Fair

The children made posters to showcase their learning in science this year.  They chose a particular area of interest and made diagrams, wrote information and made the posters attractive and eye-catching.  Samantha and Tarun showcased their learning at the P1-3 Science Fair while the rest of the class spoke to P4 about their poster. Sarah had a group of fascinated children listening to her talk about separating mixtures!

Well done to P5 for all their fabulous work this week!

Science Week!

What a start to Science Week! We worked in teams to make balloon powered cars. Some worked really well…. and some needed a little bit of adapting 🙂 We were using many skills including problem solving, talking and listening and teamwork.


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