Welcome to the English Department of Saint Ninian’s High School!

At Saint Ninian’s High School you can study English from S1 all the way through to Advanced Higher in S6 if you meet the entry requirements and wish to do so.

At each stage you will develop your Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills. These core communication skills are really important for your development as a whole person and also for achieving your goals of further study/work and participation in society.

English is a really enjoyable subject where you can travel to the past or far into the future. You can investigate real places and impossible places which don’t exist. You can develop new thoughts and express new feelings and learn how to interpret the experiences of other people.

With a balanced reading habit you can become calmer in yourself, but also develop empathy with other people. You will be able to write effectively whether you are chatting on social media, complaining to your broadband provider, applying for a job or campaigning for a better world.

Through class discussions you will learn how to participate in a debate, how to disagree with others in a respectful manner and how to say what you want to say with power, wit and generosity.

In short, there is something for everyone in English, something for you.

Please use the menu above to navigate the site and find what you need. We are also available on Twitter @stninianseng.