Vision, Values and Aims


‘Everyone Attaining, Everyone Achieving through Excellent Experiences’ is the vision of East Renfrewshire’s Education Department.  The Educational Psychology Service is committed to realising this vision and to Getting It Right for all children and young people in East Renfrewshire.  We strive to provide the community with a high quality, accessible service that applies evidence- based psychology to improve experiences and outcomes for our most vulnerable children, young people and families.


We aim to make a positive difference in East Renfrewshire by:

  • employing an inclusive, relationship based, solution- oriented approach to empower others, enhance their emotional wellbeing, and develop their capacity for nurture and resilience
  • participating in high level of collaboration with parents/ carers and other professionals in order to ensure the least intrusive and most effective service delivery that is preventative, where possible, and provides intervention at the earliest stage
  • applying psychology to support children and young people to develop skills for learning, life and work
  • working ethically, and with transparency, to promote positive attitudes towards cultural and social diversity
  • maintaining an ethos of continuous improvement through self-evaluation, peer support, and on going professional development

All Educational Psychologists are expected to conform to the standards exemplified in Health and Care Professions Council (2012) Standards of conduct, performance and ethics and the British Psychological Society (2018) Code of ethics and conduct.