Referral Process

How A Referral Is Made

One of our Educational Psychologists may be asked to become involved where there  are concerns about your son or daughter’s progress. In most cases, a member of school staff will explain why he or she feels this is necessary, and will ask for your permission. Cases can also be referred to the service by health and social work staff. If you want to raise any of your own concerns about your son or daughter’s progress, we suggest that you speak to the head teacher of your child’s school. If your daughter or son is at secondary, please speak to a pastoral support teacher.

What Happens Next

The Educational Psychologist will carry out an assessment to help move things forward if there are concerns about:
personal and social development
general development
sensory or physical impairment

The type of assessment carried out will depend on the concerns raised. This will always involve gathering your views, those of your son or daughter and those of any other professionals who are involved.

Additional Assessment May Involve:

• looking at existing information

• observation in class or in the home

• direct assessment with your son or daughter

  After assessment is carried out, the Educational Psychologist will sit down with you and others involved, and give feedback. In this meeting, everyone will be asked to share ideas on how best to support your son or daughter.This information will be used to put a support plan in place. Everything we do and all the information that we gather in the process of assessment is treated in the strictest confidence, except where the safety or well being of any child or young person may be put at risk.