How Can We Help You

An Educational Psychologist can meet with your  teachers and parents to consider possibilities to help things change for you.  When challenges don’t seem to be going away – even with the help of teachers or family members – it might be helpful to meet with the Educational Psychologist.
The Psychologist will try to understand the challenges you are facing and how you are feeling by talking to you. Together, you both can work towards solutions. Sometimes it can be hard to talk, especially if you think that what you will say will get you or others into trouble. That’s why a Psychologist will not talk to anyone about what you say unless:
• you say they can;
• it’s something very serious that someone else needs to know about for your own safety.

      Your Views are Important

 You have a right to say what you think and be listened to when decisions are being made about your future. Remember, Psychologists are there to listen and help. To find the Educational Psychologist in your school click here.