ASD: Autistic Spectrum Disorder

ASL: Additional Support for Learning

ASN: Additional Support Needs

ASPEP: Association of Scottish Principal Educational Psychologist

CAMHS: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

CBT: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CCC: Carlibar Communication Centre

CDO: Child Development Officer

CfE: Curriculum for Excellence

CHCP: Community Health and Care Partnership

CP: Child Protection


EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing

ERC: East Renfrewshire Council

ERYCS: East Renfrewshire Youth Counselling Service

GIRFEC: Getting It Right For Every Child

IMS: Isabel Mair School

JST: Joint Support Team

LAC: Looked After Children

OT: Occupational Therpaist

PDP: Professional Development Programme

PECS: Picture Exchange Communication Systems

PSA: Pupil Support Assistant

QIO: Quality Improvement Officer

SDEP: Scottish Division of Educational Psychology

SDS: Skills Development Scotland