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Dance (2 year National 5)

This course provides an introduction to the knowledge and understanding, and skills in both technique and choreography in Dance. Assessment in this course is based on a pass/fail over a series of learning outcomes. Learners will develop both their technical skills in a range of dance styles and have the opportunity to develop their creativity and knowledge of the processes of choreography. Learning experiences will be both practical and experiential with opportunities for learners to build a knowledge base of both techniques and choreographic theories and principles. Learners will be encouraged to embrace related elements, such as theatre arts and appreciating performances, all of which inform their own development.


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The third year course has been designed to develop good technique and allow pupils to develop their own dance style through experiential learning. Learners will be given the opportunity in third year to experience and develop their knowledge in a range of genres from Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz to Scottish and World dance influences. In the latter half of this year students will be involved in a choreography block which will allow pupils to prepare for the demands of National 5 Dance assessment. Within the third year course structure learners will have the opportunity to take on projects looking at Theatre arts and musicals as well as a choreography analysis project. Performance assessment will also be carried out at the end of year, where groups will present their own choreography to their chosen music and style.



The skills that pupils gain by successfully completing Dance courses will be valuable for learning, life and work. Pupils will:

  • develop knowledge and understanding of a variety of selected dance styles, describing the skills, characteristics and the social and cultural influences on the selected dance style.
  • learners will develop their technical skills, through knowledge and practical experience in a variety of genres, specialising in two contrasting dance styles in fourth year


  • plan, develop and implement approaches to enhance personal technique and choreography


  • monitor, record and evaluate performance development, through video and support logs


  • apply safe dance practice in performance


  • learners will be given the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of basic choreographic principles, devices and structures.


  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the application of theatre arts to enhance ideas, themes and stimulus within performance.


  • Learners will perform a solo practical performance (choreographed by the tutor in fourth year)


  • learners for final assessment will present a choreography for two dancers (fourth year)


  • learners will develop a greater knowledge and understanding of dance styles though observing a variety of dance performances, such as life performances, video and theatre.

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The Learner Journey

through all aspects of the course will be coherent and provide challenge and enjoyment. An integrated approach to learning will be adopted and include a mix of practical learning and knowledge and understanding of dance genres.


National 5 Dance fourth year

National 5 Dance consists of two Units.


  • Dance: Technical Skills
  • Dance: Choreography


Course assessment will consist of two components.


  1. Performance of a solo in one dance genre.
  2. A practical activity including:
  • creating and presenting of a choreography for two dancers
  • a choreography review.


Home learning in Dance

All pupils will be required to continue their learning through study at home. Work for both the Technical skills and the choreography units will require additional input at home in order to develop performance and enhance their knowledge and understandings. Tasks may include;

  • independent research
  • support log books
  • watching dance choreography
  • completing written tasks
  • revision using GLOW or the school website

Parents/ carers can be supportive by discussing their work with them or aiding them with research, experimentation or proof reading written tasks. Other activities which parents/ carers can support pupils include;

  • attending theatre events
  • discussing dance influences
  • encouraging participation in dance outside of school



Supporting Pupils in Dance

Throughout the course pupils will benefit from individual support from teachers and a range of professional partners.

Support strategies will include:

o   discussion of overall individual strengths, areas of improvement, next steps and progress

o   negotiation of individual targets and plans of actions to achieve success

o   feedback on specific pieces of practical or written work

o   opportunities for supported study after school

o   visits to theatre events / venues and other places of interest

o   involvement in extra curricular clubs and teams



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