If you are interested in attending PEEP sessions, please speak to a member of staff by Monday, 21st June. Information on PEEP can be found below. Thank you


What is PeeP ?
PEEP (Parents Early Education and Learning) is a national early programme which aims to support all parents and carers with children from birth to 5yrs. The programme supports parents in encouraging their child’s development and learning through everyday fun activities in a group or at home. As practitioners we really value parent/carers participation as they are the most influential person in their person in their child’s life.

What a PEEP session might look like:

  • A PEEP practitioner would facilitate the session with a group of parents/carers and their young children.
  • The session has a structure, we always start with the hello song and finish with the goodbye song.
  • We share songs, rhymes, books and stories.
  • Ideas for simple activities to do at home that promote learning will be shared; mostly everyday experiences to promote early learning. 
  • We share play ideas

Time for talking together on a topic ( for example daily routines or early writing)


             Why PEEP?

As parents and carers you are the most important educator. Through singing, stories, rhyme time and books. You can learn more about play activities which support your child’s learning. Sessions are run by group leaders trained in the principles of PEEP.