Our children have been involved in our Virtual Nature School programme and have been encouraged to  find different ways where they can “look through.” This led to going on a river walk journey whereby the children were able to look through trees, bushes and the fencing on the bridge. The children were able to give descriptive accounts of what they could see. The children could see the water and they noticed it was “still.”  We carried on our walk until we came to the bridge. We stood on the bridge and we looked through the fencing at the water. A child explained, “it’s running very fast.”  We closed our eyes and listened. We could hear the water and the birds. The children were able to further their learning of looking through by using binoculars and looking glasses. The children commented how they could see houses and windows, as they walked back to the nursery.


“I can see the water. It’s still.”


“It’s running very fast.”
“I can hear the water.”
“I can see a man. He has a fishing catcher.”
“I can hear the birds.”