P5a Blog 1/2/19 by Louis, Alexander and Andrew

This week in Maths we have been learning about angles including right, acute, obtuse, straight and reflex. The whole class have been doing zappers to help us remember our times tables but we have been practicing our 4 and 6 times tables.

Also the Cubes have been learning about time like 24 hour clocks and am and pm. The Cylinders have been identifying multiples and factors. The Spheres have been focusing on multiplication and the Cones have been learning about using money and calculating change.

Since our topic is WWII we have been reading Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo and the reason we are reading it is because it is about two boys called Tucky and David who are getting evacuated from London in WWII.

In Drama since our topic is WWII we have been acting out what it would be like if you were listening to the wireless on the 3rd of September 1939 at 11:15am to say that the war has been declared because Hitler and his troops have invaded Poland.

In Social Studies we have been making houses, posters and characters made out a collage of paper to make people from the 1930s.

In Science we have been making circuits to make light bulbs and motors and buzzers go with conductors and batteries. We also learned the scientific symbols for the components.

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Here is a gallery of some of our drama:

P5a’s Class Blog by Daniel, Eleya and Lauren.

This week P5a have been doing lots of fun activities that we would like to share with you.


In art we have been working on calendars that show each of the different seasons. We had to draw a silhouette of a tree, and separate the back into quarters and colour them the colours that represent each of the seasons.


With Miss Lloyds in PE we have been developing our hand ball skills and on Friday with Miss Bishop we have started working on badminton.


In Maths the Cubes have started a new topic which is division and the cylinders are working on area. 


This week’s blog by Ryan, Eilidh and Cole!

On Monday we went on the stage and performed our McTivty in front of our parents and carers.

We had lots of fun doing our show, it was a nativity with a Scottish twist we hope that all the people that came to watch enjoyed it!!

This week in Maths, the Cubes finished off our area topic and during the last question we had to make 20  50cm x 50cm squares and then make a 1 m² square and completed questions from a textbook using them.

In PE we have been learning about netball we have been working on our team work and played matches. We have been put into teams and there have been different captains each week.

In ICT we have been creating different types of games by programming the Kodus and other objects.



Primary 5a have been thinking about the wellbeing indicators: Safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, respected, responsible and included. We have created a Shanarri flower display showing the indicators and how these are met in our lives at school. We also played the snail game to learn more about the indicators.


We have been practicing singing and identifying the solfa note names. We sang ‘Seagull Seagull’ and then identified what each note would be. Working in groups we then worked out how to play the tune¬†on a glockenspiel or xylophone.




Our learning in P5a this week

In Writing this week we were focussing on writing formal letters. We started off by organising and planning our ideas, before writing these in a formal style in the correct letter layout.

“I learnt that for a formal letter you have to be very clear about what you are writing.” – Rokaia

“You should not use contractions when writing formally.” – Louis

“You should make your letter sound serious.” – Cara

This week was the final week for completing the Cluster Maths Challenge. Miss Bishop was incredibly impressed with all of the hard work that we had put into our research and presentations. The team that will represent our class is: Ayla, Oscar, Cole and Alexander. Good luck!!!

In Maths, the Cubes have started a new topic on measure. We have been learning about metric measures of length, including metres, millimetres and kilometres and the relationship between them.

In Art, we have started creating umbrella designs. We used a pair of compasses to draw a circle, divided the circle into eighths and then drew a repeating pattern using either straight or curved lines.  We will choose either hot or cold colours to paint these next week.

Maths Week

This week, we have been taking part in lots of maths activities as it has been Maths Week.

Throughout the week, the Maths Menace has been creating a mathematical mess all around our school! It was our job to guess which teacher has been causing this chaos. Well done to Louis for correctly guessing that it was Mrs McKim!

In Primary 5, we have been working on a special maths challenge to plan a day trip for four people in Scotland. We have to stick to a £100 budget and create an interesting presentation. The winning group of four will share a £100 Co-op voucher!

Each day from Monday to Wednesday, we had the opportunity to enter Maths Challenges. Each correct answer won one house point!

As homework, we created Maths hats to show our learning in class. We will share these in a whole school parade on Monday!

First week back!

Welcome to the first class blog from Primary 5a!

This week we have had PE with our new PE teacher Miss Lloyd and have been working on our fitness. We played a running game where we had to go as fast as possible and could get people out by overtaking them.

In Art we created self-portraits. We folded the paper and used the different fractions to get the proportions of our face correct and our features in the right place.

In Science we had a quiz about the states of water which are ice, gas, and liquid. We learnt about how the molecules act in each of these states.

We look forward to telling you all about our learning in Primary 5!



Highlights of the Week!

Welcome to Term 3!

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During the last week everybody was doing a 3D and 2D shapes revision in maths, we played games on the laptop called shapes in space. We also did a worksheet and made triangular based pyramid’s. In literacy,¬†everybody was doing a fact or opinion sheet. We¬†practiced our songs for our¬†Chinese New¬†Year Show (Kung Fu fighting and Gung Hay Fat Choy).¬†¬†Also, we were practicing our dances for our¬†show in P.E.

The whole class were doing their solo talks about China, most of them were about the Great Wall of China. Also, Abu is going to give us prawn crackers and Ethan has given out money envelopes with chocolate coins inside.

Image result for flubber

Also the whole class did writing about Flubber.  We put in lots of wow words in it.  It was very fun and we got to chose our seats to sit in while doing it.

With Mr Judge we did chaos tag and hitting tennis balls at the walls of the school. We were going to play hockey outside but it was so snowy that it would be ice hockey!

Also when Mrs Nisbet was in on Tuesday the whole class did our class starter.

By Louis Hampton and Alexander Black.

Friday 19th January

I enjoyed working with my friends to make up a warrior dance for our show. (Blake Carr)

I am pleased that I have been picked to act in our show. (Orla)

I really enjoyed doing obstacle courses in PE. I used movement and ball skills. (Chloe)

I enjoyed learning the songs for our show. (Rebecca)

I enjoyed learning the dances for our show. I have had to be quite coordinated! (Millie-Anne)

I also enjoyed learning the dragon dance for our show. (Austin)

I managed to finish my maths challenge so I feel proud. I was doing calculations with thousands, hundreds, tens and units. (Abigail)

I enjoyed learning how to do four digit calculations. It was tricky at first but now I find them quite easy. (Cara)