Our learning in P5a this week

In Writing this week we were focussing on writing formal letters. We started off by organising and planning our ideas, before writing these in a formal style in the correct letter layout.

“I learnt that for a formal letter you have to be very clear about what you are writing.” – Rokaia

“You should not use contractions when writing formally.” – Louis

“You should make your letter sound serious.” – Cara

This week was the final week for completing the Cluster Maths Challenge. Miss Bishop was incredibly impressed with all of the hard work that we had put into our research and presentations. The team that will represent our class is: Ayla, Oscar, Cole and Alexander. Good luck!!!

In Maths, the Cubes have started a new topic on measure. We have been learning about metric measures of length, including metres, millimetres and kilometres and the relationship between them.

In Art, we have started creating umbrella designs. We used a pair of compasses to draw a circle, divided the circle into eighths and then drew a repeating pattern using either straight or curved lines.  We will choose either hot or cold colours to paint these next week.

Maths Week

This week, we have been taking part in lots of maths activities as it has been Maths Week.

Throughout the week, the Maths Menace has been creating a mathematical mess all around our school! It was our job to guess which teacher has been causing this chaos. Well done to Louis for correctly guessing that it was Mrs McKim!

In Primary 5, we have been working on a special maths challenge to plan a day trip for four people in Scotland. We have to stick to a £100 budget and create an interesting presentation. The winning group of four will share a £100 Co-op voucher!

Each day from Monday to Wednesday, we had the opportunity to enter Maths Challenges. Each correct answer won one house point!

As homework, we created Maths hats to show our learning in class. We will share these in a whole school parade on Monday!

First week back!

Welcome to the first class blog from Primary 5a!

This week we have had PE with our new PE teacher Miss Lloyd and have been working on our fitness. We played a running game where we had to go as fast as possible and could get people out by overtaking them.

In Art we created self-portraits. We folded the paper and used the different fractions to get the proportions of our face correct and our features in the right place.

In Science we had a quiz about the states of water which are ice, gas, and liquid. We learnt about how the molecules act in each of these states.

We look forward to telling you all about our learning in Primary 5!



Highlights of the Week!

Welcome to Term 3!

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During the last week everybody was doing a 3D and 2D shapes revision in maths, we played games on the laptop called shapes in space. We also did a worksheet and made triangular based pyramid’s. In literacy, everybody was doing a fact or opinion sheet. We practiced our songs for our Chinese New Year Show (Kung Fu fighting and Gung Hay Fat Choy).  Also, we were practicing our dances for our show in P.E.

The whole class were doing their solo talks about China, most of them were about the Great Wall of China. Also, Abu is going to give us prawn crackers and Ethan has given out money envelopes with chocolate coins inside.

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Also the whole class did writing about Flubber.  We put in lots of wow words in it.  It was very fun and we got to chose our seats to sit in while doing it.

With Mr Judge we did chaos tag and hitting tennis balls at the walls of the school. We were going to play hockey outside but it was so snowy that it would be ice hockey!

Also when Mrs Nisbet was in on Tuesday the whole class did our class starter.

By Louis Hampton and Alexander Black.

Friday 19th January

I enjoyed working with my friends to make up a warrior dance for our show. (Blake Carr)

I am pleased that I have been picked to act in our show. (Orla)

I really enjoyed doing obstacle courses in PE. I used movement and ball skills. (Chloe)

I enjoyed learning the songs for our show. (Rebecca)

I enjoyed learning the dances for our show. I have had to be quite coordinated! (Millie-Anne)

I also enjoyed learning the dragon dance for our show. (Austin)

I managed to finish my maths challenge so I feel proud. I was doing calculations with thousands, hundreds, tens and units. (Abigail)

I enjoyed learning how to do four digit calculations. It was tricky at first but now I find them quite easy. (Cara)


Friday 12th January 2018

I really enjoyed seeing children doing there Zodiac. (Miss Travers)
I enjoyed learning about China. (Boyd)
I really enjoyed creating our Zodiac Wheel and learning about all the different animals. (Abi)
I learnt about the Chinese Zodiac. There are twelve animals. (Mille-Anne)
I learnt how to draw and write in Chinese. (Iga)
I enjoyed singing the Chinese song. It’s called Gung Hay Fa Chaoy. (Simone)
Miss Travers told the moons how to add and subtract with 4 digit numbers. (Orla)
I enjoyed doing the fan dance and learning how to use a maths strategies. (Chloe)

Happy New Year! By P4B 05.01.2018

I learnt how to guide someone without looking at them. (Laiba)
We learnt about China. We also learnt about China facts. (Austin)
Yesterday I learnt in Drama how to copy and act out what my classmates are acting. That skill will help me if I want to be an actor. (Molly)
I learnt about China facts. (Euan)
Yesterday I learnt to do drawing. (Ismail)
I learnt 9 China facts. (Ruby)
I enjoyed snowball news. (Ellis)
I enjoyed learning about Chinese new year because its good to learn about different traditions. (Orla)
So far in our Chinese topic I’ve enjoyed learning about the Chinese Zodiac. (Dhruv)

Highlights of the Week!

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This week was anti- bullying week.  We completed many activities that allowed us to understand how people might be feeling if they are being bullied and what we should do if we see someone getting bullied.  By learning about the three types of bullying we now feel more equipped to recognise bullying within and outwith school.

Anti-Bullying Scenarios

We looked at different scenarios that could arise in the playground and acted these out.  We then had a discussion of how we might deal with these scenarios and what was the best way to resolve this.

Also, we created anti-bullying posters for homework and talked about what it means to be a good friend.  We created a ‘Good Friend’ recipe to remind ourselves what it means to be a good friend.

We also had many more learning experiences this week which we enjoyed.

  • Gymnastics – We tried balances on the mats.  These included the bridge, the crab and the frog.
  • Maths –  The squares and the rectangles focused on probability and chance.
  • Writing – With Mrs Neil we looked at newspaper articles, picking out features of a newspaper.  We then wrote our own newspaper articles on flying penguins and a seal visiting a chip shop.  Yes! Flying penguins!
  • P6B Assembly – The P6B assembly was about the Victorian times.  All of our pupils found this enjoyable and learnt lots of new facts about the Victorians.

They invented things we have today like the telephone and the postbox. (Calum)

Children had to work long hours in the coal mines. (Louis)




Week of 6th November

• I got better at problem solving this week (Blake Carr)

• I enjoyed doing division by 7. (Ruby)

• I enjoyed learning how to divide by 4. (Boyd)

• I enjoyed planting in Science. (Chloe)

• I liked doing division by 4. (Lucas)

• I enjoyed learning all of my division facts. (Orla)

• I learned that in the Artic plants can grow in the summer but not in the winter. (Laiba)

• I learned all the seven countries in the Arctic circle; Greenland, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Alaska, Canada. (Jenny)

• I learned about how to use speech marks. (Austin)

• I liked PE because I love doing gymnastics. I demonstrated many of the Body Shapes. (Ellis)

• I enjoyed learning about the coldest place in the world. (Euan)

• I enjoyed learning the French colours. (Caitlin)

• I enjoyed everything this week. I really enjoyed getting better at my division. (Millie-Anne)

• I learned about the best way to ask for help. (Ismail)

• I liked PE. My favourite body shape was the T. (Dylan)

• I learned that in the Arctic summer it is always bright, even at night time. (Dhruv)

• I enjoyed learning the new topic – The Arctic. (Rebecca)

Something I found difficult this week.
• I found division a little difficult this week. (Cara)

• I found the handwriting a little challenging this week. (Abi)

• I found the forward roll in PE quite difficult. (Aryan)

• For me I find in PE the teddy bear roll hard because you have to hold your toes and roll over but my hands are too short to reach! (Molly)

Highlights of the Week!

We hope you enjoyed the October Week and are ready for the new term ahead. 

We have had an exciting week with a focus on writing.  As part of our writing with Mrs Neil we have been looking at writing a letter to our future self.  We thought about what life would be like in 10, 20 or even 30 years time (eek!).  For some inspiration Miss Differ and Mrs Neil set up some tea leaf reading to help us think about what could happen to us in the future.  After writing our letter we self- assessed our working adding in some VCOP to improve our writing.

We have also begun looking at the Artic as part of our topic.  We have learnt about the Arctic Circle and what countries are included in the Arctic Circle.  Using our mapping skills we have completed some activities to help us understand how much land the Arctic covers.

After looking at the location of the Arctic, we explored the Arctic in 360 degrees.  This allowed us to really look at different physical features.  If you can, please give this a try at home.  You will have to use chrome to view the video in 360.  Follow the link below.