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Pine Lockdown Week 2 – Feed the Birds 🦆🦢

Well Hello Pinettes – How are you all???

Have you all had a Spidery Week?

Well this Blog is all about the Birds – remember away back in April of last year we had a Blog all about ‘Feed the Birds‘.  So you can look back at this and see if there are any of the activities you want to do again.

Now the weather has been very cold, rainy, snowy, icy, and windy… everything but sunny!!! So again we will suggest the Movie ‘Mary Poppins’ or ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ – or watch both over the week!!! Lots and lots of brilliant music, songs and dances.

Cryo-Freezer 33: Disney's 'Mary Poppins Returns' leaked online on streaming video by a number of free piracy sites, according to piracy watchdog

  • Did you watch both – which did you prefer?
  • Which song was your favourite?

Numeracy  🔢

Using Shapes we can learn to draw a baby bird – have a wee go!! This set of  You Tube clips have loads of cool drawing ideas.

How to draw a baby bird.


Image result for how to draw a baby bird with shapes

Counting – when you are out on a walk or a drive count the birds you see, keep a note and the next walk or drive count again – was there more or less???


Literacy 📚

I am going to suggest two books but you may have another one at home or find something different on the internet.

The Grumpy Bird

Image result for the grumpy bird image

We are never grumpy in the Pine Room are we Pinettes???

But this little bird did not stay grumpy for too long!


The Go-Away Bird

Another lovely story BUT again a bird that wasn’t too happy at the start!  She soon changes her mind though when her friends won’t leave her alone.

Science 🧪

Wildlife Trust Web Cams

On this site you can see if you can spot any birds and also find out some cool bird facts!

Singing and Dancing 🎶

The Birdie Song

We love the Birdie Song – go on have a Boogie!!!

Art and Craft 🎨

We think you should make a bird or a birdhouse out of different recycled materials again – and send us a photo!

Recycled bird ideas.


At school we covered some card with scraps of different coloured and textured paper and we are going to cut them into little birds – we will show you them next week.

We also made some cool Bird Masks.

Singing and Signing👌🎹

“Don’t worry about a thing” and sing along with the Singing Hands.

Three Little Birds 🐥🐥🐥

Image result for singing hands three little birds

Cookery 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

Bird inspired snacks and treats

 Foodista: 12 Incredible Food Art Ideas For Kids | ediTORIal by Tori Spelling

What will you all make???

Now time to Feed the Birds – remember we can’t just give them anything – so there is a guide below to keep you right – send us some photos if any birds come to your garden for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Anyone going to use meal worm – yuk!!!

What to feed the birds

The link below gives you lots and lots of great information about our birds.


Image result for rspb

One of our Pinettes incredible art work – WOW!!!

Well have a safe and happy week Pinettes,

Love the Pine Ladies

Image result for bird clip art