Power off , learn outdoors (polo day )

This week in school would have been our POLO week ,where we take our learning outdoors without the use of electricity or technology.

Polo day runs along with save the children Den day so for your first activity this week I want you to get creative and build a den inside ( if wet ) or outside .. use chairs , blankets , tables anything you can think of .
Here are some examples



Once you have built your den do something fun like read a story in it , or have a picnic

Activity 2

If you decide to have a picnic maybe you could make a sandwich to eat , or get creative and turn your fruit into a picture .

Activity 3
I would like you do do some art using materials from your garden , you can make anything you like .. I asked the ladies in the class to make some pictures as examples so let’s see if you can guess what Mrs Collins , Mrs Johnstone and Miss Taylor made .

Last task this week is to take your shoes and socks off and try walking on grass .. did you like it ? How did it make you feel ? 😢😀

If you try any or all then as always we have loved seeing your photos so send them in . Have fun





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