Songs and Sensory 🎶

Hello everyone hope your all doing well . I can’t believe it’s been so long since we seen you all . You are all doing so well and I’m sure your enjoying all the time your having with your family ( but secretly looking forward to getting back to school ) 🤭

This weeks tasks are listed below
Activity 1

In the snowdrops we love a song for any occasion, so I thought it’s time to practice our number songs

Singing  hands -Three little monkeys

Five little ducks

Ten in the bed

Activity 2

This activity is all about colours . I want you to have a look 👀 about and find lots of items of different colours maybe choice red , yellow , blue and green and then sort them so the same colours are all together . A good colour sort activity is lego bricks or pegs for hanging out the washing . Have a go see what you can find 👍🏻

Activity 3

We have enjoyed this activity in class before and thought you might like to do it at home . It’s sensory bags . Easy to make and no mess but lots of fun 😃.
All you need is

ziplock bag




food colouring

into the bag add about 1/4 bag of oil ( baby or vegetable oil is fine)

next add some food colouring

then  1/4 bag again of water

now zip it closed fold over and  tape That edge so no leaks .

You can also add glitter if you like some sparkle .
Raid the craft box and make some of your own , water or hair gel works well with Pom poms , sequins or pick something and try it out .
A really simple one is to add shaving foam to the bag , you can use this to practice your letters or numbers or just make some patterns.

Have a good week Snowdrops 👍🏻 and remember your photos if you can . We would love to see how your Peter rabbit plants are coming on .

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