Sports week and tasks

Hello Snowdrops , hope you have all enjoyed this fantastic weather and been sun safe . This week in school would have been sports day on Tuesday  . All the staff teams have made some race videos and will be shared tomorrow  for you all to watch and hopefully create some races at home .
As always we have some task for you to complete if you wish .
Activity 1 – size sequencing 

This activity involves using household items and putting them in an order from smallest to biggest ,  use any items that you can think of . I have included some examples I used spoons , pot lids or could use the actual pots , towels , clothes eg t shirts for everyone in the house or shoes .

Activity 2 – floating and sinking 

Some science next , we all love to play with water so let’s try and gather some items , anything at all . Fill a bucket, basin or if you have your paddling pool out can use it and drop the items in one at a time and see what floats and what sinks . If you have an orange try using it and see what happens if you drop it in the first time with the skin on , then get a grown up to help peel it and try again . Was there any difference ?

Activity 3 – Moon sand
Why don’t you have a go at making your own sand you only need three ingredients .

4 cups of flour

1/2 cup oil ( vegetable or baby oil )

food colouring ( optional )

Add the flour to a bowl and add a few drops of food colour if you wish .
Next pour in the oil to the middle of the bowl , you now need to mix it together so either use a spoon or get your hands in and squeeze it all together .
once mixed put it on a tray or container that you can use to play with it .
You can make shapes if you have cutters or like we do in school practice drawing letters or numbers in the sand with your finger .

We have been loving the photos of you all working so hard and enjoying time with your families. Keep up the good work everyone all the ladies are very proud of you all . 👍🏻

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