Hi Moonbeams!

Hi Brayden, Caden, David, Lee, Ollie and Reagan

We are missing you all very much but we hope you are all happy and having lots of fun at home with your family.

We all have a little message for you …

Hi it’s Miss Mikolajczak here – Its a very sunny day today and I have been outside in my garden watering the plants and playing with Penny the dog, she likes it when I throw the ball and she has to run to catch it. I’ve been busy cooking some yummy meals too like spaghetti bolognese and I even made burgers on the BBQ outside.

Hi it’s Mrs McLaughlin here – I have been very busy playing at being the teacher to my 4 children and doing lots of hard work. We have been baking chocolate cakes, brownies and Mars bar cake. I have been trying hard to go for a big long walk early every morning and I have also been doing some gardening in the sunshine.

Hi its Miss Higgins here – I have been enjoying making lots of nice meals, playing games with my daughter and doing some dancing in the living room.

Hi its Mrs Hunter – I have been keeping busy cleaning the house and emptying all of my cupboards. I have been to Tesco to buy my shopping and I have been listening to my daughter practicing her singing and playing the Ukulele (which looks like a small guitar).


Our Theme this term is The Great Outdoors so we were going to be doing lots of activities in the garden. Here are a few ideas if you wish to do them with your children…


  1. Prepare and enjoy a Picnic in the garden
  2.  Fun with water

  1. Remember to stay safe in the sun

2 thoughts on “Hi Moonbeams!”

  1. Hi it’s Brayden here I am missing you all very much and ask everyday to go to school, I can’t wait until I can give you all a big hug, I have been keeping busy playing in the garden with mummy, gran Lindsay and my big brother Ethan, I am on my trampoline everyday and have had lots of different toys outside to play with, mummy got me new carrier bags to put my toys in so I am a happy boy, looking forward to the day when I can see you all again xx

    1. Hi B! Good to hear you are keeping busy, we have had lots of lovely weather and sunshine for playing in the garden & you are so lucky to have a trampoline to play on too! I wish I had one at home, I’m missing rebound and the swimming pool!
      Stay safe, Mrs McLaughlin 😊

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