Hello Pine Class!!!!


Well the Pine Class hasn’t been the same this week – we have really missed Melanie, Jessica and Shannon.

Reece has been doing loads of class jobs and keeping us all right!!

And we used up all the Home Economics supplies and made some wee cupcakes and chocolate krispies.

Adam has made us laugh lots and has enjoyed time out of his chair, with Jacob giving him good company  – and we watched Frozen – Again!!!!!!

We have done a wee bit of Art – but it is a secret – shh!!

And today Miss Devlin took over the Morning Group as Class Teacher, Adam and Jacob thought she was very strict, Wilson got sent to the quiet room for talking , Boyle got into trouble for carrying on,  but Aitken and Jardine were Teacher’s pets!!! She is one confident individual!!!

Hopefully we will see you all very soon.

We will miss you all


The Pine Ladies


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