Onthank Primary 3

Wednesday 10th June


Happy Wednesday everyone! Can you tell I’ve been learning about special avatars called Bitmoji? An avatar is a cartoon version of yourself and it’s been fun learning how to make them up.

What are we doing today?



– Collect something to write with and watch this video. We’re doing a dictation so please feel free to pause the video after the words or sentences to give you time to write down your answer.

NOW for some FUN stuff – a wee baking challenge!

Want a challenge or just something yummy to eat?

– If you can, ask an adult if you can do some baking today. In my house during Lockdown we have managed to make some chocolate crispies and I’ve been making banana loaf with my leftover bananas.

Today I’d like you to spend some time with your homework buddy baking or making something to eat. As you do this activity I’d like you to think about:- 

  • The ingredients you need.

Your follow-up task today is to:-

  • Handwrite your ingredients list.

Tomorrow we will finish this activity by:-

  • Writing down a set of instructions, so pay attention to all the actions you do to make your cakes or food.

(Don’t worry if you can’t bake today, you could think through what you might need to make something like a sandwich or you can use what I do to make our writing piece tomorrow.)




Estimate how many pasta shapes you see.


Yesterday we looked at finding out missing numbers. Looking for what we already know is really important. Today we’re going to use a slightly different 100 square to find the missing numbers. Can you spot the difference from yesterday? We really need to consider the place value of numbers.

– Write down the missing numbers you can see.

Want a challenge?

Let’s think about which order numbers come in.

– Watch this video and order the numbers in ascending order. (That’s when the numbers get bigger and bigger counting up the way. I’ve shown you the link for tomorrow’s work too. Don’t get confused.)

Write these numbers in ascending order:

  • 72          34          17           28           60

  • 36          19          54          91          68

  • 62          81          29          20          75

  • 87          22           16          49          88

  • 99          83          74          66          51





– As part of ‘Onthank on Foot’, go for a walk, pick a colour and go on a colour hunt. Remember to take a photograph for your Blog.

– Watch this video to chill out a bit after such a busy day.

Are we done for today?

Yes, remember to upload any of your good work onto your own Glow page so we can see it and comment.

If the weather is fine get out for some fresh air and notice things in your surroundings. Last week I was tidying up the leaves and sticks lying around in my garden. As I was tidying I kept finding shells. There were big ones, tiny ones and sizes in between. Some were the same type, some different. We played with them and it made me think about where they came from. Were they from the beach, an animal or had someone thrown them over my fence?

It’s always good to take time out to wonder. Some of the best ideas and activities come from the questions we make up.

See you tomorrow Happy Gang! Crazy hairstyles for ‘Onthank on Foot’. Get creative!

Mrs Kidd & Team P2


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