Onthank Primary 3

Thursday 11th June


Where has the week disappeared to? We have one more day of work before Catch Up Friday so let’s get cracking!



If you were able to bake yesterday I hope you had a lovely time. I also hope there are some goodies leftover for today! Think about what you had to do and we’ll learn about how to put together a good set of instructions on this Powerpoint file.

Remember to click the Screen icon in the bottom right of your screen.

– Watch this Banana Loaf Powerpoint file.


banana loafppt


– What did you have to do to make your treats yesterday? Get your ingredients list and let’s add on the “bossy verbs” to make short, clear instructions for your reader.

– You might want to illustrate your recipe card with detailed drawings of what you have made. Add some colour to make it attractive.

Here’s one I started.

Want a challenge?

– Email or phone someone you care about and read them your recipe to see if they think they could follow your instructions.

Story time

– Watch this video. It’s the last in the ‘Oi’ series that I wanted to show you all.


Estimate how many yellow buttercups you think you can see.

Watch you don’t get tricked by the white daisies or clover.


Yesterday we looked at ordering numbers. Today we’re going to do more examples and I want you to join up your learning. 

– Do you remember we rolled the dice on the computer to make two digit numbers? Use the link below and each time you roll your numbers record them like this. 

– Draw out this chart.

– Click the link and select 2 red dice option. (If you want the harder version, use the Tens dice and a single digit dice to randomly generate 5 two digit numbers.)


Want a challenge?

We’ve looked at ordering numbers in ascending order (counting up the way). Try these examples in descending order (counting down the way). Remember to think about the place value and using the Tens number to help you.


  •   23          17          50          48          33

  •   77          40          91          82          54

  •   38          51          29          61          18

  •   16          24          38          48          52

  •   57          44         90          39          22




– As part of ‘Onthank on Foot’, go for a walk with a crazy hairstyle. Remember to take a photograph for your Blog.

– Choose an activity to try out to help stay happy, healthy and calm.

Are we done for today?

We sure are. If you’re still looking for extra bits and pieces to do remember you have Bug Club, mymaths and Teach Your Monster to Read. If you’re done for today then go play, relax, perhaps do something nice for someone in your house to cheer them up. Catch you tomorrow for your favourite outfit and passing a smile while you walk for ‘Onthank on Foot’.

Mrs Kidd & Team P2

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