Onthank Primary 3

September 14, 2020
by eacaroline.strain@glow

This week’s homework

Happy Roald Dahl Day!

This is a short school week as we are all looking forward to our extra-long September weekend holiday!

This week is still a consolidation week, where we stop and make sure we know our joined phonemes and common words so far.

You will be revising some of your joined phonemes in class this week so that you can confidently make, break, read and spell using the joined phonemes you have already been taught.

The common words we have been learning over the past few week are taught along with that joined phoneme if they are part of that family.

For example- day, away, always and today– these are the common words that are all ay’ words.

Sometimes the common words don’t ‘fit’ a spelling pattern. These more ‘tricky’ words are taught each week too. You will be able to spot the common words that do and don’t have the joined phoneme you are learning each week. 

The common words you are to revise this week are-

day, away, always, today

each, ask, year, eat

yellow, grow, again, food

Parents and Carers-

Here are some strategies you can try with your ‘Homework Buddy’ to help learn these words- 

Modelling and Teaching a Variety of Spelling Strategies

To help children’s spelling development and to increase their spelling confidence, collaborative working aims to encourage them to:

  • Listen to the sounds in words
  • Be constantly interested and aware of words, word patterns and word shapes
  • Identify single sounds and phoneme blends in words
  • Learn to spell words using a mnemonic if appropriate (a mnemonic is a phrase that helps us remember how to spell a ‘tricky’ word, such as DOES: Daddy only eats sandwiches)
  • Use learned spelling rules and spelling patterns where appropriate
  • Listen and identify syllables in each word – yes/ter/day
  • Break each syllable into individual phonemes.

    With a partner I can:

  • Look at the word
  • Think about the word
  • Discuss the word, and the part which is tricky
  • Say the word
  • Practise and learn the structure of the word
  • Spell the word independently
  • Check the accuracy of the word I have spelled/written.

Happy Learning!

Team P3 x

September 11, 2020
by eacaroline.strain@glow

Place Value Games and resources-P3S


This week we have been revisiting what we know about place value-tens and ones.

The class wanted the link to the Topmarks place value game we play in class so they can do it at home.

I hope this link works-please let me know if it doesn’t.


We watch this in class too-

Have fun learning!

Mrs Strain


September 7, 2020
by eacaroline.strain@glow

This week’s homework

Active Literacy

This week is being used for consolidation of some joined phonemes and common words we have already covered in P2.

Consolidation and assessment of skills already taught is an important part of our Active Literacy Programme. This means that following a few weeks of teaching new joined phonemes and common words we will then re-visit some phonemes we have identified to be reinforced. 

This means that homework in consolidation weeks will revise some sounds already taught and give your child a chance to become more secure with these and their common words. We feels this is especially important this year given the exceptional circumstances of lockdown.

This week we are going to re-visit the joined phonemes-

Wh– as in wheel

what, wheel, whisk, when, why, whisper


Ph– as in phoneme

phone, phoneme, elephant, alphabet, photograph, dolphin


Common words

have, your, only, by, are, come, of, new

Here are some links to youtube resources we will be using in class-


August 31, 2020
by eacaroline.strain@glow

This week’s phonics-31.8.20

The P3 team would like to share the spelling words and phoneme we will be teaching in class this week.

We will post phonics and spelling words here every Monday along with some YouTube links we may use in class to help teach these sounds.

Suggested ‘homework’ activities are things like Rainbow and Pyramid writing; draw a picture of the word or write a sentence with the word; look for this week’s phoneme in stories or when you are out at the shops etc.

Hopefully these activities are familiar to you and your child from P2.

We are posting spelling and phonics taught in class each week online rather than sending ‘spelling words’ home in a jotter each week in order to minimise the sharing of items, and therefore the potential spread of coronavirus, between home to school.

Reading books will be allocated through Bugclub online and if books are sent home we have measures in place to safely ‘quarantine’ them before and after use.

Our joined phoneme this week is –


 (which makes the long vowel sound o (oh)- as in crow)

Words in this ‘phonic family’ are-









The common words are-





If you want to practice these at home then here are some links to YouTube clips-


August 24, 2020
by eacaroline.strain@glow

This week’s Phonics




Welcome back P3!

It’s week two of our new term and Mrs Strain, Miss Hamilton and Mrs Nelson wanted to share with you the Active Literacy joined phoneme (sound) we will be working on in class.

At this point we are not giving out formal homework but if you wish to work on spelling and phonics at home this is what your child will be learning this week-

Our joined phoneme this week is –


 (which makes the long vowel sound e)

Words in this ‘phonic family’ are-







The common words are-





If you want to practice these at home then here are some links to YouTube clips-


August 24, 2020
by eatracey.hamilton@glow


Welcome Back | Grasmere

Well done everyone for making it through your first week in Primary 3.  It’s been great getting to know you all even in these strange times when we are doing things so differently.

Just a couple of points to let you know that gym for the whole year group is outside on a Thursday, where possible.  Please bring a jacket every day as you may be out even in some rain showers.

We have no plans yet in place for homework but you can still use your Bug Club or any of the online games you were using during lockdown for now.

More information will follow as we get things in place.  

Enjoy your weekend.

June 25, 2020
by ealaura.milligan@glow

Friday Farewell


Our final day (not) together is here. We’ve worked hard as a team to try and make sure that you have had plenty of activity ideas to keep you going through this Lockdown. The P2 blog will be here all summer so if you find that you’re bored or want to remind yourself of some of the work we’ve done together to prepare you for P3, then please feel free to log back in and hunt through the videos and information. It is with a heavy heart that we must say our final goodbyes to your time in Primary 2. Have a look at these messages and remember we’ve had a lovely time being your teachers and wish you all the very best for next year.


Mrs Kidd here, I made this video for P2K. I’m sad that we won’t get to spend the last day together but I hope that you’ll remember what a smashing bunch of kids you all are. We’ve all been in this together and as it’s a strange time, if you need me, I’ll check my email periodically and will help if I can. All the best, thank you and well done to all the family members out there who have helped to support you at this time when I couldn’t be there. 🙂




Goodbye P2St.

I wish you all a wonderful summer holiday. Here’s a goodbye video from me.

Stay safe, have fun and I’ll see you all in August.

Love from Mrs Strain xxx


Mrs Saxelby here, I want to let you know that I will be thinking of you all over the summer. Have fun, keep learning and stay safe during the holidays. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you in August. Big Virtual hugs, love from Mrs Saxelby 💓 xx





June 24, 2020
by ealaura.milligan@glow

Graduation P2 Session 2019/2020

Today is Graduation Day. That means we’ll tell you what a wonderful job you’ve done in Primary 2 and wish you well for moving up into Primary 3. It has been a great year and if you read to the very end of today’s post we have one last assembly video to say a well done and farewell to our primary 7s too.

None of the teachers can believe that your time in Primary 2 is almost up. We’ve had a great year with you and are so proud of all you have achieved. The situation this year with Lockdown has been difficult for all of us. Your teachers have missed you dearly and only hope that you’ve managed to do some of the suggested tasks and kept yourself happy and safe.

We have a little memento to give to you to remember our special time together. If you are able, you can print it out as a wee special something to remember us by. If you don’t have printing facilities then we could organise a printed copy once we are back in school in August.

Miss Cook & P2C




Mrs Kidd & P2K

We’ve had a great year this year P2K and we really have been “All in This Together”. You’ve been a smashing class and Mrs Strain is lucky to have you as her Primary 3 bunch! Remember, always try your best, mistakes help us to learn, care for others the way you would wish to be cared about and use all the learning we have done together this year to help you with all of next year’s work!

Thank you to Mrs Banks for helping in our classroom and looking after you all in the playground. We’ve been lucky this year to have so many helpers that visited our class to aid our learning but a special mention goes to Mrs Bell, Mrs Haining, Mrs McFarlane, Eliza, Miss Rae and Mrs Massentini.

Don’t forget to say hello if you see me in school, or even out and about. You all make me very proud! I’ll miss you and will always be here if you need someone to listen and talk to.

from Mrs Kidd 🙂 

I present our P2K word art picture. Can you find all the special names?


Mrs Saxelby and P2S

Hello P2S. I can’t believe it is time to say goodbye to you as my P2 class but it is also cool that you are going to be big P3 pupils with Mrs Nelson as your new teacher. Mrs Nelson and I are friends so she will keep me up to date with how you are all getting on. I would like to thank Mrs Banks for being there every day to help you all with your work and for keeping you safe in the playground. You are so special to me as a class and I will never forget you as my LOCKDOWN class. We shared so many fun times together and as your teacher I was particularly proud of your Nativity performance and when you showcased your Scottish dancing to our guests from the Onthank Community. I loved the way we shared a big class with Mrs Kidd for part of the year and that we then moved to our own class and got some new additions from Miss Cook’s class. We now have the perfect mix of fabulous children. It has been some year! I will miss you very much but will look forward to seeing you in August. Have a fantastic and safe summer everyone. Take care!

Love from Mrs Saxelby xxx


I present our P2S Word Art, can you find your special name?

Mrs Strain and P2St

Hi P2St,

I have loved being your teacher this year. It has been a very different school year for all of us; and definitely one we will all remember!

I hope you have lots of good memories of your ‘Lockdown P2’ time. We have all learned together and I’m very impressed with how brilliant your Glow Blogs are and how amazingly well your families have taken on being your ‘teacher’ as well as everything else that they have to do.

I think you should give them a big hug from you and I would like to say a very heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all of you and your families-you’ve been amazing!!!

I’d also like to thank Mrs Banks for all of her help and care in class and her fantastic sense of fun!

We think Mrs Banks is AMAZING!!!

I’d also like to thank Mrs Paterson for all of her help. Especially all of her amazing scientific knowledge and the work she did in class teaching us about viruses and the Corona Virus.

She helped to educate us all about viruses and answered all of the questions we had as this was all unfolding. I think her support has helped make this lockdown experience a bit less scary for us in P2St !

I’m excited to be moving up to P3, the same as you, after the summer holidays and will be part of Team P3!

I’ve got my P3 classroom ready, which is just across the landing from your new classroom with Miss Hamilton. You’ll love your new classroom, it’s so BIG!

I hope you all have a happy, healthy and fun Summer holiday and are as excited as I am to start the next part of our learning journey in P3 in August!

Mrs Strain x

This is the word art I created for you to download to keep to remember your time in P2St. 

I hope you like it.

Mr McIlwraith has put together our final assembly to mark the end of a great year. Even although we have been apart, we’re still the same wonderful school it’s time to say goodbye to this year’s primary 7s so click the link to join the assembly.




June 23, 2020
by ealaura.milligan@glow

Are you ready to see P3?

Today is the day that we can show you to your new Primary 3 classroom. You can meet your teachers here.

Mrs Wright says that there may be times when you’ll perhaps work with the other teachers in the P3 stage but you’ve done that before in P2 so it’ll be no problem for you guys! Did you know that Mrs Strain is going to be moving into P3 to be one of the teachers on your landing? You all know her already so if you’re feeling worried or you have a question you’re not sure of you’ll see her smiley face there to help you out if you’re not sure of anything.

We suggest you all look at the first video which will give you a walk round of the key areas for P3, then have a look at the video for your own teacher. You might also like to watch the videos for the other teachers too to see what they’re like. Check here if you’re not sure who you are going to.

P3 Teachers – Mrs Strain, Miss Hamilton & Mrs Nelson.


Primary 3

– Watch this video showing you around all the places you need to know about for P3. Look for the ‘physical distancing’ hearts and colour coded hearts in school. Have a watch to see if you can spot your new classroom.

And remember that P3 are happy, sunshine YELLOW.


Check out your new teachers.


 P2 K going to Mrs Strain

  • Hi P2K,

  • I’ve made you a short video showing you where your new P3 classroom is and what it looks like.

  • Hopefully you will recognise the way from your old P2 classroom.

  • Your new classroom is along the corridor towards the Dinner Hall and Main Office, then up the stairs to the First Floor. Once you go through the doors you turn right and you’ll see your P3 classroom. (The video shows you the way )

  • I’ve got the room all ready to welcome you back after the summer holidays.

  • Hope you enjoy the video I made!

 P2St going to Miss Hamilton



P2S going to Mrs Nelson


We hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of your classrooms and seeing your teacher. If you or your parents/carers have any questions, add a comment to this post because everyone might be wondering the same as you and we’ll try to answer it as best as we can.

This post has been exciting today but you know, we’re really going to miss you all.

Enjoy P3 when the time comes and don’t forget to give us a little wave or a hello if you see us around.

Good Luck everyone!

Team P2



June 21, 2020
by ealaura.milligan@glow

Week Beginning 22nd June

And, just like that it’s the last week of Primary 2. Can you believe it? We can’t!

Let’s have some relaxing and fun activities this week in celebration of our final week together! The teachers are busy in school making preparations for your return in August so we’ll post the suggested activities for the week again and you can do them at your leisure. The weather is to be changeable all week, with the best days from Wednesday onwards but you can try and get out when you can.

What’s the plan this week?:

School Poster Competition

Art Attack Afternoon

Primary 3 transition messages – Check in on Wednesday

Wheely Fun Day

Wacky Water Play Day

Graduation Day – Check back on Thursday

Picnic Planning

School Poster Competition

Mr McIlwraith has sent the following instructions asking you to design a banner or poster that will actually be made into a REAL POSTER. How amazing is that? Get your arty ideas out and remember to space your pictures well across your page and make your drawings clear. Good Luck everyone!

We have a special competition for you to complete during the last week of term! We would like our young people to design a banner or poster which welcomes all our visitors to the school. Your poster should include our school values – Confidence, Happiness, Achievement, Respect and Responsibility, as well as the school logo. The poster should also include drawings of pupils in their school uniform. Remember to make it bright and welcoming!

The winner will receive a special prize as well as their poster professionally produced and displayed around the school building on our return in August. All entries should be sent to Mr McIlwraith no later than Friday 26th June 2020. Please email your entry to eadavid.mcilwraith1@glow.sch.uk

Art Attack Afternoon

Fun stuff to try out:

An art idea I enjoy is something called Origami. I learned about it when I was at primary school as a child and I’ve never forgotten these ones. Origami is the skill of paper folding to make models without using scissors and glue. You’ll need a growth mindset to work away and make mistakes and work hard to get better at what looks like a tricky skill at the start.

– Watch this video and have a try if you would like a challenge.

Try these ideas too.


Primary 3 Transition Message

Check the Blog on Wednesday for a Transition message from your new Primary 3 teachers.


Wheely Fun Day

Find and play with anything that has wheels today.

  • bike

  • scooter

  • rollerboots

  • cars

  • pram

  • toys

Wacky Water Play Day

Perhaps save this activity for Thursday and if the weather is fine then let’s get some watery activities out to play.

  • Super Soakers

  • Water Balloons

  • Paddling Pool

  • Make some Ice Lollies or fancy ice cubes for your drinks

  • Water your plants in the evening

  • Soaking Spelling with a paintbrush or a sports bottle to make your words

Graduation Day

Check the Blog on Thursday.

Picnic Planning

Design, make then eat a picnic with your family.

  • Think about food to eat.

  • Think about juice to drink.

  • Do you need sun cream?

  • Where are you going to sit? Do you need blankets or seats?

  • Get help from an adult to make up your picnic lunch.

  • Invite your familiy to have a picnic with you.

  • Eat your picnic.

  • Are there going to be games at your picnic?

Anything else?

Well, as usual, if you’d like to check into your websites (Bug Club, MyMaths, Teach Your Monster To Read) and finish off any work in there or just go and cosy up with a good book then your work here is done.

We hope you have a lovely week and check back on Friday for some goodbye messages from your teachers.

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