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May 31, 2020
by ealaura.milligan@glow

Wonderful Work!

I just wanted to write to say a HUGE well done to all the pupils of Primary 2 for all of the amazing work you are sending us. Your teachers are loving reading about your work and looking at your photographs. We miss you dearly and hope you are all remembering to stay sun safe while you stay safe at home.


Suncream on, hats on, drink plenty of water, cover up bare shoulders and get lunch in the shade across the middle of the day. Doing this will help you to enjoy this wonderful weather safely.


I’ve been working hard to create a gallery of all your wonderful photographs so that you can easily see all the smashing work you’ve done so far in one place. It also means your buddies that haven’t been able to see you can see that you’re doing ok and working hard like them.

You can find all this Super Duper work in the Primary 2K tab in the top menu. If you click that and then ‘Wonderful Work’ you’ll see what P2K have been up to over the past three months. I’ll update for June too so keep checking back.

Mrs Strain has a tab inside her Primary2St menu called “Sharing Our Work” for her class.

Mrs Saxelby has a “Show Off Your Wonderful Work” tab on her Primary 2S menu for her class.

Check them out when you get a chance. Well done everybody!

May 28, 2020
by eacaroline.strain@glow

Friday 29th May

Happy Friday P2!

This weather is amazing !!

I hope you are all able to get outside and play, maybe get your paddling pool out or have a BBQ?

Why not try to spot a butterfly or two?

Or watch the bees being very busy flying from flower to flower.

Friday is a ‘catch up’ day so no new work will be posted today.

Don’t forget that there are lots of online thing you could do if you want; like Bugclub, mymaths or Teach Your Monster to Read.

If you are looking for some maths games to help practice your mental maths skills or place value- tens and ones, then here are some links to Topmarks games you might remember from school-



Some of you have been super busy and have almost finished your Bugclub book allocations.

For some of you this means that your teacher will not allocate you any more books. That doesn’t mean that you can’t practice reading though.

Do you have books, magazines or comics at home that you could read?

If you love reading online then don’t forget about Teach Your Monster to read and here is a link to the Oxford Owls website where you will find free ebooks to read at home and lots of good resources.


Art Competition!

There are details on the main Blog page about an amazing competition set by JK Rowling, who wrote the Harry Potter books.

Lots of you are now 7 and lots of you are amazing artists, so why not give it a try?

Here is the link to ‘The Ickabog Challenge’

Good Luck!!


Before I go- Don’t forget to check out the P2st ‘Sharing our work’ tab to see pictures of yourself and your friends and see what they have been up to at home. It looks like this-

You don’t have to be in P2st to have a look!

Next week Mrs Saxelby is taking over the Blog.

Have a lovely, ‘sun safe’, fun filled weekend,

Mrs Strain x





May 27, 2020
by eacaroline.strain@glow

Thursday 28th May


Good Morning P2

I hope everyone is healthy, happy, feeling good and ready to learn.

Active Numeracy

Today we are going to do some numeracy, which you can do outside in the sunshine.

Yesterday I asked you to think about how we measure time and do some activities to develop your sense of how long a second is.

Today I would like you to do some investigation into how long 1 minute is. This song from yesterday teaches you that there are –

  • 60 seconds in 1 minute
  • 60 minutes in 1 Hour


Watch this ‘Round The Clock’ about 1 minute-


What am I going to do?

I would like you to have fun estimating and recording how many things you can do in 1 minute.

What sort of things?

You could find out things like –

  • How many words can I write in 1 minute?
  • How many star jumps can I do in 1 minute?
  • How much can I draw in 1 Minute?
  • How many times can I jump up and down in 1 minute?

So many ideas………..

How do I record my results?

You could write them down the way I showed you yesterday, or if you are feeling extra smart today you could make a short video  like the kids in ‘Round The Clock?

Don’t forget to post your work on your blog.

Literacy/science/health and wellbeing

Over the past few week you have been learning all about growing and life cycles.

Yesterday you learned about metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis means when something changes from one thing to something totally different.

Frogs and Butterflies start their lives looking totally different from the adult.

Frogs hatch out as tadpoles and Butterflies hatch out as caterpillars

It’s quite amazing if you think about it!

That is why the Butterfly got so puzzled in yesterday’s story. 

Listen to this song about growing up.


If you watch this short film called, ‘Growing Up’ you will have a good laugh at the end.


You have grown and changed a lot since you were born. I would like you to do some investigation into how you have grown and changed since you were a baby.

I would like you to ask your ‘grown up’ to help you find some photos and videos of you as a baby and a toddler.

Have a look at them and think about how much you have changed.

  • What can you do now that you couldn’t do then?
  • What is different about how you look now?

You might want to write down the changes from ‘Baby me’ to ‘Me now’.

I have done one for my son Calum-

Baby Calum


Calum in P2

P2 Calum can now-

  • walk
  • talk
  • read and write
  • do lots of things for himself like eating, getting dressed, going to school…….

Calum looks different from baby Calum. He is –

  • Taller 
  • His face has changed
  • He has more hair
  • His legs and arms are longer
  • He looks like a boy not a baby

I’m looking forward to reading about all of the things you notice about how you have changed and grown since you were born.

In the ‘Growing up’ film the tiny acorn grew into an enormous tree.

It might be fun to think about what you will look like when you grow up.

What changes will have happened then?

What are you looking forward to being able to do?

You could draw a picture of yourself as a ‘grown up’ and add some information about what you think you will be able to do by then.

Here’s a surprise for you. This is what that cute wee boy grew up like-


Don’t forget to share your work on your Glow Blog and check out this week’s Gallery in the P2St ‘Sharing Work  tab.

Have some fun in the sun!

Mrs Strain x

Calum Strain

Team P2



May 26, 2020
by eacaroline.strain@glow

Wednesday 27th May

Hello P2!

I hope you all had a lovely long Bank Holiday weekend.

This is a short work week, and the weather is going to be lovely so hopefully you will get lots of outside fun time.

I have planned some phonics, numeracy and science/topic activities for you this week; with Friday as a ‘catch-up’ day.

Phonics Challenge

I have made up a phonics challenge for you to solve with your family.

Do you remember the joined phonemes we learned with the long ‘oo’ sound?

You might be  a bit ‘rusty’ as it’s been a long time since we’ve been in class.

I’ll give you a bit of help.

Some of these words rhyme-

look, book, hook and cook


blue, clue, true and rescue

Have you guessed?

Our two different phonemes and spelling patterns with the long ‘oo’ sound are-

oo – as in room and look

ue – as in blue and clue

Task- This gallery has photos or clues to help you find 18 words with either the ‘oo’ or the ‘ue’ phoneme in them. Some are easier than others and you might need some help from your ‘grown up’!

You can write your answers down like this and then share them on your Glow Blog page-

(Hint-‘room’ is NOT one of the pictures in the challenge)


Today we are going to think about how we measure time and do some activities that will develop your sense of how long a second is.

Watch this Youtube song about seconds, minutes and hours-


Watch this ‘Round The Clock’ about seconds-


You can do this numeracy challenge outside if you want.

You will need-

  1. Some good ideas
  2. A timer- you can use a phone, tablet, watch or stopwatch
  3. Paper and pens or pencils to record your results
  4. Your estimation skills that you practiced last week with Mrs Kidd   (*remember-an estimate is a ‘sensible’ guess where you try to get as close as possible to the correct number*)

Time Challenge

1.Think of something that you think might only take 1 second to do.

I estimated that it would take 1 second to clap once.

I set a timer and I was correct; it took me 1 second to clap once.

Then I did the same thing to see how many times I could blink in 1 second.

2.Now think of things you could do quite a lot of in 30 seconds.

I timed how many star jumps I could do.

My estimate was 27. Then I set a 30 second timer and counted how many I could do. I beat my estimate because I managed 42!

You can do this as many times as you want for different activities. The whole family might want to join in?

Record and share your results on your Glow Blog  like this-


Life cycles

Over the past few weeks you have been learning about the lifecycles of lots of living things such as plants, birds and frogs. This week we will learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly and what metamorphosis means.

Here is a fun song all about lifecycles-


If you listen to Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson you might get some clues about what metamorphosis means. Think about why the butterfly gets so mixed up when he is trying to help the little monkey find his mum and dad.


Did you work it out?

Watch this SciShow Kids clip to see if you were right and learn more about the lifecycle of a butterfly and metamorphosis-



That’s a lot of work!

 We will learn more about life cycles and metamorphosis tomorrow. 

I have seen some fantastic life cycles you have made at home for chickens and frogs. If you want to make and share a butterfly life cycle then that would be great. 

You could look for some butterflies outside, I’ve seen quite a few in my garden. Can you spot any?

*Also-Remember to check the main school Glow page for information about another Virtual Assembly*

Happy learning!

I’m looking forward to seeing your work on your Glow Blog!

Mrs Strain x

Team P2



May 21, 2020
by ealaura.milligan@glow

Friday 22nd May

That’s all folks!


I hope you’ve had a good week and that the suggested activities have been entertaining or informative. 

Today is Catch up day.

Remember to send any work you’ve done to your teacher or upload it to your Glow page so we can keep it as evidence of your learning and hard work in P2.

Before we go, I’ve been inspired by a couple of Blog posts I’ve received and felt that I wanted to make this special mystery video.

– Watch this video.

Your teachers miss you all and we’re delighted with the level of effort you are all making.

Remember that Monday and Tuesday next week will be a holiday for you so check back on the Blog on Wednesday and Mrs Strain will look after your activities for the rest of the week.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Kidd and the P2 Team


May 20, 2020
by ealaura.milligan@glow

Thursday 21st May

What is the plan today?

Firstly, I would like you to think about how you feel today.

These are strange times and if you’re anything like me, then you’ll be missing lots of the people you care about. My little girl woke up yesterday and all she talked about was seeing her grans and papas. She doesn’t understand that the man and lady on the TV won’t let her go out and do all her normal things. It made me feel really sad watching her feel so blue. It’ll be ok, and it won’t be like this forever but it made me think of a story that I’d like you to watch today.

-Watch this video.



Let’s start with something fun! I used to make these when I was a girl and we called them fortune tellers. I thought we could use it to help make some funny stories.

– Watch this video.

Here is the list of ideas for:
– What happens
– Setting
– Characters

-Use your chatterbox to help you to decide on story writing ideas. This is definitely a challenging job today but let’s give it a go and do what you can.

-Try to draw a detailed picture with the mystery ideas, talk through your ideas and if you can, write about them or make an audio clip.

Here are my mystery ideas and the story I made.

– Watch this video.

Want a Challenge?

– Try it again to see if you get different story ideas. If you had better ideas to write about, you could make another chatterbox to help you talk, draw or write about a story. Have fun being creative!



Estimate means have a good guess without counting.
– Look at this picture but don’t count yet, it’s a wee bit trickier today!

Estimate how many daisies you think you see.

Yesterday we used what we knew about counting in 10s to help us make bigger numbers. Let’s see that we know what the digits really mean.

– Watch this video

– Write out the answers like you saw in the video for these numbers.


48               82               83               64

28               55               30               96


Want a Challenge?

– Can you make the numbers using this information:

2tens 6ones          6tens 1one          7tens 3ones          9tens 9ones

40 + 3          20 + 4          90 + 0          50 + 8



We read the Wide Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner yesterday. The frog met lots of animals and they told you what they liked to eat. In nature, all living things have a purpose. We have producers and consumers. This is called a FOOD CHAIN.

– Look at this PowerPoint. There are questions to answer on some of the pages so click the boxes you think are correct as you work through this activity.



– Why not draw a picture of each member of your family and think about the foods they like to eat. What is your family food chain?

Am I done for today then?

Looking at the Blogs, it looks like you’ve done a wonderful job this week! So yes, you are done!

Hopefully you’ve managed a wee look at your mymaths, Bug Club or Teach Your Monster to Read websites if you were needing extra jobs to do but I’m thinking:-

did you plan in playing time today?

If not, go get on the case now!

Tomorrow I have a wee surprise video but it is catch up day if you need more time, or just go and play and be creative.

Mrs Kidd & the P2 Team

May 20, 2020
by ealaura.milligan@glow

Wednesday 20th May

What is the plan today?

Singing. Fun. Getting creative. That’s the plan. ENJOY!

This week is National Mental Health Awareness week and the weather is going to try to be sunnier so let’s not be inside too long today! 



Let’s start thinking about warming your mouth muscles up for singing today. Tongue twisters are great fun and really get your mouth moving.

– Watch this video and see if you can manage to say the twister without stumbling on the words. Can your Homework Buddy do it too? Have fun!

*****Collect something to write with and something to write on*****

– Watch this video and try your best to do it without help.

– Let’s relax now. Watch this story called The Wide Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner. We’ll do a job about it tomorrow.

Want a Challenge?

– We’re going to do a story job tomorrow, so have a little THINK about this.

What are characters?

What is a setting?

Think of some examples and you’ll see what we use them for tomorrow.

– Were you good at the first tongue twister? Here is another one to try out if you want.




Estimate means have a good guess without counting.

– Look at this picture but don’t count yet! Estimate how many sweeties you think you see.

Did you manage to make an Estimation Station to challenge your family?

Who is the best at estimating the number of items you put down?

This week we’ve been thinking about place value. Let’s remind ourselves of Monday’s work. Listen carefully for a NEW WORD in this video that you will hear more about in P3.

– Watch this video

Yesterday, I wanted you to think about counting to 100 by jumping in 10s. This will help us to challenge ourselves to make bigger numbers.

– Write out a number line like this and show me how to jump along the markers in 10s to get to 100. Did you notice the number patterns in the video yesterday that’ll help you? Can you write it jumping down from 100 to 0 in 10s too?

– Watch this video.

Want a Challenge?

*****Collect a dice if you have one, if not, make a set of cards numbered from 1 – 6 like this (you don’t need both)*****

– Watch this video


We’ve been learning about frogs.

Did you bring your singing voices? Here are some songs to try out for fun.

-Watch this video

– Watch this video too. You’ll know this one. Just for fun, be a little silly!

Today, let’s learn how to draw a frog!

On Monday I challenged you to find out about some different kinds of frogs and pay attention to the colours or patterns. This might help during this activity to create unique drawings. Have a shot.

– Watch this video.

Am I done for today then?

Yes you are. Have you had fresh air today? Take a break and relax.

Remember, if you want something different from above go and check out the activities on your mymaths, Bug Club or Teach Your Monster to Read websites.

Rest your voices tonight and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Mrs Kidd & the P2 Team

May 18, 2020
by ealaura.milligan@glow

Tuesday 19th May

What is the plan today?

I hope you found the activities helpful yesterday. The P2 Team wish to use this lockdown time to review and practise the skills you’ve learned so far this year so that you have a solid foundation to move into P3.

We won’t “teach” you new tricky things because we can’t be there in person like normal to help you. Reviewing the following may seem easy but if you can become really confident in all of these skills then going into P3 won’t seem too hard or scary.

  • know your alphabet – vowels and consonants, letter names and letter sounds

  • know that alphabet sounds joined together makes new sounds

  • know that if a word seems tricky, your first strategy is to SOUND it OUT

  • having a go without help builds your self confidence

  • remembering information helps you with your work

  • make sentences with the words you would say if you were telling your teacher about it

  • making your letters properly and joining them up actually saves you time

  • know your single digit numbers to 10

  • know your number bonds to 10

  • know the place value of your numbers to 2 digits

All of these skills will help you to learn the new work in P3 so let’s get practising! You’re doing a great job!




– Handwrite th, ng, sh & ch like we did yesterday.

– Can you make NEW words for each joined phoneme and handwrite like we did yesterday.

– Watch this video. Say what you see. These are all words you have done and should be able to read and spell.


– Watch this video. Normally I wouldn’t show you so many but we have done these in class before so it’ll be a challenge. Tomorrow we’ll do a job with them to see if you can write them down, so if you’re not sure with any of them you could perhaps write them out like your sh ch th ng words. Copy three times to get them into your head. Don’t write them today if you think you’re managing fine.

Want a Challenge?

– Hunt for items that contain th, ng, sh or ch in your house and lay them on a table. Get a tea towel or a cover for the game.

– Collect a homework buddy to play with and something to write with to record your answers.

– Kim’s Game is a memory game. Look carefully at all your items and try to remember them. Cover them up and hide your eyes. No sneaky peeking!

The more items you find the trickier you’ll make it. I’ve only picked a couple to show you.

Ask your homework buddy to take away and hide the item from view. They uncover the items and you need to look to see if you can spot the missing item.

– Write your answer down and think carefully about your spelling. Try hard to sound it out and also remember to JOIN YOUR JOINED PHONEMES! Try to answer 5 times. Swap with your homework buddy. Challenge your family and have fun together.

– Watch this video. It’s a story called Oi Frog, by Kes Gray and Jim Field. It’s one of my favourites because it’s very clever. I wonder if you can hear why it’s clever?




Estimate means have a good guess without counting.

– Look at this picture but don’t count yet! Estimate how many batteries you think you see.


– Watch this video.


Using what we know about counting in tens, collect some found objects and let’s make theses slightly trickier tens and units numbers. I’m using stones and twigs today.

– Use a grid like this with your objects. In the Units column I split the space into 10 parts then crossed off one box because only 9 little bits can go in here before you need to start using the Tens column too.

(You don’t need to do this if you can remember that only 9 go in here before having to swap for a Ten – that’s a good wee challenge.)

– Show your answers like this.

– Make these numbers with your objects. Remember I’m using stones and twigs because I could find loads outside.

17          9          13          20

24         28        15          31

Want a Challenge?

Can you make any larger numbers with your objects? Do you know how to write the two-digit number. Can you explain what the digits mean?


You watched a video about frogs yesterday.

– Look at this Powerpoint to learn about the Lifecycle of frogs. Click on the link below.


Frog Life Cycle PowerPoint

You should have noticed that frogs:- 

  • start as eggs,

  • grow to tadpoles,

  • then grow to froglets

  • and finally the adult frog.


– Make a poster showing the lifecycle of a frog. Think back to what the lifecycle of a chicken looked like last week.

  • It’s set in a circle.

  • Each stage is linked with an arrow.

  • Each stage is labelled.

  • Remember your outstanding handwriting! JOIN THE JOINED PHONEMES if you use any words with them and think about the letter size and shape.


Am I done for today then?

That’s us done!

Remember to spend time playing and relaxing each day.

If you want more activities to do, check out the activities on your mymaths, Bug Club or Teach Your Monster to Read websites.

See you tomorrow Gang. Bring your singing voices!

Mrs Kidd & the P2 Team


May 17, 2020
by ealaura.milligan@glow

Monday 18th May

Mrs Kidd will be here all week posting up ideas to keep you going.


What are we doing this week?


– Review some of your Active Literacy joined phonemes and see how well you can remember these from class.

– The teachers are all missing your super sentences, so we’ll work on that too.

– I’ve got a confession, I’ve really missed reading you all a story so I’m going to share a couple of books with you this week.


– Extend the idea of place value that Mrs Strain and Mrs Saxelby began with you a couple of weeks ago to see that we really understand what numbers mean.

– Making various types of numbers with things you can find in your house.

Other Curricular Areas

– Introduce you to the lifecycle of a frog.

– Think about the food that animals eat.


What do we need?

This week, you will preferably need:

  1. a smile on your face

  2. something to write with

  3. something to write on,  if you don’t have a sheet of paper, ask to go and raid the paper recycling 

  4.  “found objects” from your house like stones, twigs, pasta, crayons, blocks, pegs, toy cars or dolls…etc, you do not need to buy anything

  5. dice if you have one

  6. tea towel or a cover


What are we doing today then?



– Watch this video and shout out the sounds you recognise.

*****Get some paper and something to write with.*****

– Watch this video and copy out the sh th ch & ng sounds and write the words in your best handwriting.


Want a challenge?

– Make a table like this on your paper.

– Hunt your house for sh, th, ch & ng words then handwrite them neatly into the right spaces. Remember to join the joined phonemes you know.





Estimate means have a good guess without counting.

– Look at this picture but don’t count yet! Estimate how many crayons you think you see.

– Watch this video.


*****Collect some found objects to make your answers*****

– Use your objects to make these numbers:-

         14              19              17              12

         18              13              16              15

– Send any photographs of your work to your personal Glow page or to your teachers by email.

Want a challenge?

– Make your own estimation station using items you can find in your home and challenge your family to see who can get the closest answer.

Remember don’t count them at the start.

Think to yourself if the number looks bigger, smaller or the same as 10, take a guess, then count the items to check.




– Watch this video about the lifecycle of a frog. It also contains the story for today about a little frog.

– There are many different types of frog. Find out about three other kinds of frog in the world, if you can, then make a list and have a go drawing them. Pay attention to the colours or patterns on the frogs you learn about today because it will help to make an activity later in the week more interesting.

Am I done for today then?

Yes, that’s it for today.

Use these ideas if they are helpful to your daily routine.


  • They are suggestions.

  • Check the other websites for ideas – Mymaths, Teach Your Monster to Read or Bug Club.

  • Check out the class tabs on the top menu to see good work or perhaps some additional class information.

  • Upload your work to your personal Glow blog page or email your work to your teacher.

  • If you don’t have access to items for writing and recording your work, then pop round to the Spar shop across from our school and collect what you need. They were left there by Mrs Findlay free of charge.

  • To play to relax and have fun.

See you tomorrow for more ideas.

Mrs Kidd & the P2 Team

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