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Virtual School Trip to Edinburgh Castle


Hi P2,

Your teachers all thought that it would be a lovely idea to plan a ‘virtual school trip’ for you to do at home.

Before lockdown we were all learning about Scotland, so we thought that a great place to go would be Edinburgh Castle!

Maybe you have been before?

Maybe when we are allowed to go on ‘real’ trips again it is a place you might think about visiting?

First of all you could think about your delicious packed lunch or picnic that you want to take on your trip.

I always loved school trips because I got THE BEST PACKED LUNCH EVER! to take on my trip. 

You’ll also need to pack your imagination and use it today!

Once you have helped make your packed lunch or picnic then it’s time to pretend to get on the ‘bus’!


All you need for this is to put some chairs out in rows so they look like a bus and find something in your house that could be a pretend steering wheel. Now it’s time for you and your family to get on the bus to Edinburgh Castle.

One of the fun things we do on the bus is sing silly songs; so here’s a P2 favourite to sing along to-


That was a quick trip because WE’RE HERE!

Edinburgh Castle! 

Now that we are here Mrs Banks and I have got some fun facts about Edinburgh Castle to share with you-





It’s time for the trip around the castle to start.

We have a new pupil with us today-Barnaby Bear, who is going to show us around the castle and also tell us about Edinburgh. I hope you enjoy it-

It’s snack time!

That was really interesting.

I loved the bit about volcanoes!

What was your favourite part?

What did you learn about Edinburgh Castle and Edinburgh?

Why don’t you enjoy a snack and have a chat with your family all about the things you have learned so far?

Now that snack time is finished you could watch this Youtube clip showing another trip to the castle.

Try to imagine you are there too.

That was brilliant!

I learned lots of new things about Edinburgh Castle.

I feel like I’ve been there!

We’re going to jump back on the ‘bus’ to find somewhere nice to go for lunch.

(Packed lunch and imagination required!)

Where would you like to go?

Is it a ‘carpet picnic’, or a picnic in the garden or the park?

Now that lunch is finished it’s back on the ‘bus’ and we’re off again!

We are driving all the way back from Edinburgh to Kilmarnock so we need another fun Scottish song to ‘magic’ us home.

Let’s all sing ‘Donald, where’s yer trousers?’ like we used to in class, just click this link-



We’re back!

What a great ‘virtual’ school trip.


Some ‘Rainy day’ activities-

Watch this video and learn how to draw a castle like Edinburgh Castle.

If you want you could add in some facts you have learned about the castle too. 

I was really interested in the volcano that Edinburgh Castle is built on.

The volcano is extinct, that means it will never erupt again so you don’t have to worry about that if you visit Edinburgh Castle.

The volcano was active and made Castle Rock 350 million years ago!

This SciShow Kids tells you a bit more about volcanoes-

You can make your own erupting volcano!

This clip shows you how to.

If you don’t have newspaper to make it look as fancy as this on you can still do the science experiment using an empty plastic bottle.

Be careful-

DO the experiment outside-IT IS MESSY!

And WEAR SAFETY GLASSES-you don’t want ‘lava’ in your eyes-OUCH!

I hope you have had lots of fun on our trip.

Remember to post your photos on your Glow Blogs.

Have Fun and after all that hard work it’s time to chill out!

Mrs Strain

Mrs Banks

Team P2 x









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