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Monday 8th June


Mrs Kidd
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Welcome back, it’s Mrs Kidd taking you through this week again.

Your teachers have really enjoyed looking at all the work and enjoyment you’ve been having lately so well done!

If you’ve not sent your pictures and writing to us yet then be sure to get it up onto your Blog or email your own teacher. 

What are we doing this week?


– We’re going to go over some spelling and handwriting patterns you have done before. Remember, I’m looking for you to do your joins and spelling like this from now on. I’ve noticed some sneaky ch, th, sh and ng joins missing in your work the past couple of weeks.

– Let’s try really hard to always include our new learning and be sure to check your work to see if you remembered all the teaching points.

– I also want for you to review and use some common words.

– Think about how words rhyme and use those in a game.

– We’re going to think about how to write good instructions – this will be based on a baking activity if you are allowed.


– I’d like to return to the number activities we started last time and consider the place value of the numbers we know.

– What makes a number odd or even and identify this in our daily work. 

– Think about how to order numbers. To do this, we need to know about place value and how we count up or down. 

– Identify missing numbers within 100. To do this, you need to notice number patterns. 

Other Curricular Areas

– This week is Positive Choices Week and we’ll learn about what that means today. 

– You can use the suggested activity grid on the Main Blog to try out some ways of helping you to stay happy, healthy and calm. 

Finally, as you know, I love reading stories so I’d like for you to enjoy some story time and perhaps think about making more of your own stories as the week goes on. 


What do we need?

If you can, get a hold of the following:

  •  Something to write on/write with.

  • A collection of small items to help make odd and even numbers. I’ve used tomorrow’s lunch pasta but you could use stones or even bits of Lego if you have them. Be creative.

  •  Items to make Tens and Ones. 

  •  A bean bag or ball for a throwing and catching game.

  • If you’re allowed to bake on Wednesday you’ll need some ingredients and items for your chosen recipe. (this can be as easy or as complex as your tastes want)

    e.g. Cereal and a bar of chocolate for crispie cakes, cake cases, a spoon and bowl – DON’T worry if you don’t want to do this you’ll still be able to follow the lesson for writing instructions.

Let’s get started!



– Collect something to write on and something to write with.

– Watch this video and revise sounds from the past few weeks.

– Watch this video and copy out the ee, ai and ay words in your best handwriting. If you want to try the handwriting from the other weeks you could try that next.

Want a challenge?:

– Make a grid like this

– Sort these words into the correct spaces and remember your joined handwriting!

seed          sail          ray          lay          tail          green          nail          play          snail          teeth         hay          peer          paint          hail          need          May          stay          peel

– Can you find any other ee, ai or ay words in your house that you could add to your lists?


Last time, I read the story ‘Oi Frog’ by Kes Gray and Jim Field. The next story in the series is called ‘Oi Dog’ by Kes & Claire Gray and Jim Field.

Did you work out why I loved ‘Oi Frog’ so much?

I hope you said that you could hear lots of rhymes.

The ‘Oi Frog’ story is so clever! I wonder if ‘Oi Dog’ will be the same?

– Watch this video.




Let’s warm up.

Remember an estimate is a sensible guess. Look but don’t count straight away.

Estimate how many pom poms you think are in the bundle.


– Last time we were thinking about place value and what different numbers meant when they were in different positions.

Think back and tell me what place value each of these numbers have. Record like this:

– Try recording these numbers on your chart.

52          79          61          37

44          86          20          75

This week I’d like for us to remember odd and even numbers. How can we tell the difference? Is there an easy way to work it out?

– Watch this video

Want a challenge?

– Make a chart like this.

– Sort these numbers into the correct part of the chart – remember to leave finger space gaps between your answers.

54          28          93          17

90          36          1          24

173          198          150          102

241          748          333          924

Try these too!





Today marks the start of Positive Choices Week. This means making decisions to take part in activities to keep yourself happy, healthy and calm. 


– As part of ‘Onthank on Foot’, go for a walk and wear a colourful outfit. Remember to take a photograph for your Blog.

This week, Mrs Williams has provided some ideas for activities that might help to keep you happy, healthy or calm on the main Blog, so let’s take a look.

Remember these are only ideas and you don’t have to complete all of them. It’s a bit like a pick ‘n’ mix sweetie bag. Choose one you think you’d like to try each day – don’t eat them all at once!

– Click this link and read more about Positive Choices Week.


– Try one of the activities in the chart listed below from the Blog and you can send a photograph direct to Mr McIlwraith for the Main school Blog page if you like.

email:     david.mcilwraith1@eastayrshire.org.uk

Are we finished?

That’s us done for today. Remember that for tomorrow’s ‘Onthank on Foot’ you have to wear odd socks for your walk.

If you’re needing anything else to do you can check Bug Club, mymaths or Teach Your Monster To Read.

See you tomorrow!

Mrs Kidd & Team P2


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