September Virtual Assembly – Watch now!

Our virtual assemblies were a hit during lockdown so we are bringing them back for the new term for all of our families and community to enjoy! 

This month our September Assembly offers you a chance to meet some of our new teachers and pupil council representatives. The assembly also includes some special awards, fitness from Mr Swan, and a staff quiz! Well done to all of the young people involved in making this assembly for our community! We hope you will agree that their presentation and IT skills are top-notch.

Please watch and share the links below:






Pupil Council Elections

We are delighted to announce our new Pupil Council Chairperson and Vice Chairperson!

Chloe from P7H – Chairperson

Mitchell from P6M – Vice Chairperson 

Pupil Council reps were elected for every class.  Children in Primary 5 , 6 and 7 were invited to campaign for the Chair and Vice Chair.  We would like to congratulate our winning candidates.  Please speak to your Pupil Council rep if you have ideas or issues you would like us to address.

Here is Chloe’s campaign video that she is happy to share with our Onthank families.

This Week’s Star Pupils



Primary 1 

1A – Eilidh – star writer

1C – Jack – for being really happy & settled in class

1F – Anna – always working well in all areas of the curriculum

1M – Thomas – for outstanding kindness


Primary 2 

2B – Lucas – for working hard in all areas

2K – Andrew – great attempts at answering questions during group time

2S – Millie – Excellent work in number

2T – Hannah – for an excellent work ethic


Primary 3

3H – Hazel – Super writing/star writer (wanted poster)

3N – Liam – for being kind, helpful and trying hard with his work

3S – Ava & Bonnie – an amazing map for Fantastic Mr Fox


Primary 4

4E – Ben – being a good listener

4K –  Nazli – Excellent participation in all class activities

4M – Robbie – excellent general knowledge & writing


Primary 5

5CA – Tajveer – Super writing – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

5C – Saskia – very detailed drawing

5K – Jack – confidence in maths

5M – Evan – for excellent reading for comprehension


Primary 6

6A – Amy – for fantastic listening skills

6F – Jamie – for extra effort with his work

6MC – Lyle – for being respectful , hard working and very supportive in class


Primary 7

7H – Tom – producing some fantastic writing

7M – Cerys – for good reading work

7MC – Charlotte – continuing to grow in confidence in and out of the classroom


Special Award – Connor – for working hard, having a positive attitude & being a good friend



This Week’s Star Pupils

Primary 1

P1A – Kenzie – Marvellous Maths

P1C – Lennox – for using 2 dice for helping him to double numbers

P1F – Olivia – always working hard and giving super rhyming words

P1M – Oscar – excellent effort with rhyming skills

Primary 2

P2B – Adrian – for lots of hard work this week and following all instructions

P2K – Aylah – making a great effort to volunteer answers in class

P2S – Patrick – effort in writing and phonics

P2T – Willow – for beautiful presentation of her work

Primary 3

P3H – Euan – amazing descriptive work in Literacy

P3N – Sophie – a kind friend for celebrating success of others

P3S – Kyle – Wonderful Numeracy

Primary 4

P4E – Robbie – for fabulous handwriting

P4K – Whole Class – increased concentration and effort

P4M – Lucas – excellent knowledge during Topic Work – Ancient Egypt

Primary 5

P5CA – Alfie – excellent Maths making 4 digit numbers

P5C – Riley – trying really hard in Maths

P5K – Shae – Motivation in Maths

P5M – Lily – settling in really well at Onthank and becoming a Fairtrade Rep

Primary 6

P6A – Lewys – great effort and enthusiasm in lessons

P6F – Olly – working hard in class

P6M – Molly – for continuously challenging herself in class

Primary 7

P7H – Mia – excelling in Just Dance in PE

P7M – Kerr – excellent teamwork

P7MC – Jessica – for excellent work on number sequences and patterns – including those with negative numbers

Special Award

Brooke & Erin (P5) – writing and illustrating a book

Our Playground Transformation Begins…

Our return to school during this time has provided us with an opportunity to transform some of outdoor spaces as we further develop our outdoor learning at Onthank.

Staff kindly volunteered over the weekend to help begin to transform our playground spaces as we look to provide our young people with a more stimulating environment.

In the back playground you will find elkonin boxes, tens frames, shuttle run, a shape hunt, a maze and much more!
In the front playground you will find Twister boards, a jump board, shuttle run and a Just Dance zone.
We’ve also added some colour to our walls
with colourful outlines of the children which brighten the place up a bit.
Moving forward, there is still work to be done in these areas. Any donations of outdoor paints, outdoor resources and items for loose part play would be warmly welcomed! These should be handed in via the front office.
If your family have any other ideas for the playgrounds please do let us know!
A huge thank you to those of you who have helped so far and to those of you have offered to help in the future.
We can’t wait to see what we do next…