Our Weekly News – 8th October

Our Weekly News – Friday 8th October
Each week we will endeavour to share something from each class but this may not always be the case. For further details and information about our school, please head over to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/KBTPrimary
This week we walked through Kirkcudbright to spot features within the town; for example, the Kirkcudbright Galleries, Marina and the bridge. We have created art work to show the marina. The paintings were in the style of Jim Sturgeon.
We have settled well into school life and have had a great first term!
“I liked the castle because Repunzel was there.” – Libby
“I liked the Marina.” – Hollie
“I liked when we painted the colourful sky.” – Jake
Look out for The Galloway News. Our class photo has been sent in.
This busy week, we have been making fabulous posters about the Tolbooth after our walk around Kirkcudbright. After that, we discussed what we had learned and what we liked about the Tolbooth.
“I liked looking at the chains they put around people’s necks.” – William
“I liked the boat on top of the weather vane.” – Penny H
“I liked seeing the bars on the windows.” – Craig
“I liked helping to stick all the things onto the poster.” – Murray
Please remember to keep practising your sounds during the holidays.
In p2/3 we have been learning about the Rowan Tree. We made lanterns with its leaves for the Light Festival which is happening this week.
We really enjoyed watching the Vikings fight in the playground and learning about how they lived.
“I liked making our art this week.” – Duncan
“We enjoyed watching Luca on the last day.” – Kylie
“We made trees and leaves by using cue tips.” – Aria
“I asked a Viking to chop my arm off!” – Fraser
This week we have been making signs for Greta Thunberg linked to climate change. We thought about ways to look after the environment. Also, we have been swimming. William and Alina got merits for being so good in the water! We have finished a 2 week block of swimming.
Holly said, “We went into the deep end in swimming. It was fun!”
Another quote was from Billy and he said, “I have learned breast stroke, front crawl, back crawl and the mushroom float.”
Fergus said, “I learned the push and glide in swimming.”
P5 have been having some fun using their cardboard shapes to tessellate with some chalk on the playground. P5 also particularly enjoyed indoor P.E when they were working in groups and passed balls through the hoops in the hall as a team. We have been adding challenges each time we dropped the ball.
Abbie and Elma said, “We made an ice cream out of an equilateral triangle and rectangle.”
Frazer and Kyle said, “We made a tessellating pattern with an isosceles triangle.”
Mia said, “It made my arm sore holding up the hoop so high.”
Have a good break and remember to return to school in P.E kit on first day back to school.
We made Buddhist mandalas. A mandala is a symbolic picture of the universe. It helps people to meditate and make sense of life – working towards ‘Enlightenmnet’.
“It helps you concentrate on feeling calm.” – Hamish
Have a lovely holiday!
This week in p6/7 we have been presenting our projects. Everybody really enjoyed how fun it was listening to each other. Everybody asked questions and learned something new. “I liked the fact we had so much freedom over our project and what we used to do it.” – Arabella.
On Tuesday, we were learning basic greetings in sign language such as, good morning, good afternoon and good evening, which all look very similar. We enjoyed learning the greetings and trying them out on each other. “I enjoyed learning how to sign the alphabet and greetings. It was very fun.” – Aimee
We have been busy doing PE and taking part in the Stewartry Sports Athletics Challenges. There were 20 activities to complete. “I don’t normally enjoy PE but I really enjoyed this because it was super fun and there were so many activities to complete.” – Abbi.
Enjoy the holidays! On the first day back (Monday 25th of October, we will be going to the gallery to see the Galloway Hoard. Remember your jacket!
Check out our Twitter page ‘@P67andMrMcClune’ for daily updates.
We have walked up to the cemetery and found out about all the old graves in the oldest part of the cemetery.
We created designs for an Autumn or Hallowe’en cake for a competition.
We have been taking part in the Daily Mile every day. So far, we have walked and ran 1009 miles!
“I enjoy trying to do as many laps of the playground as I can for the Daily Mile. My best is seven laps.” – Scott
“My cake is a two layered chocolate cake with vampire teeth, spiders, leaves and broomsticks.” – Leigh
“We found out the oldest grave belongs to John Shaw and is from 1620.” – Ollie
Enjoy the holidays! On the first day back (Monday 25th of October, we will be going to the gallery to see the Galloway Hoard. Remember your jacket!

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