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How do I Upload a Large File e.g. Video?


There are many ways to share a large file within Teams/Glow that are relatively straight forward. Below are two of the easiest ways.


The easiest is probably uploading the file to One Drive first. One Drive is Microsoft’s Cloud Storage. It allows you to access online storage. This is included with every Glow pupil account and gives (almost) unlimited storage to each pupil in Glow. Assuming the video was shot on a device, ie a phone, then follow the instructions below:

  1. Install the One Drive app on the device
  2. Open the App and use the pupil Glow username (including at the end) and password to allow the app to access the pupil One Drive account
  3. Come out of the app and locate the video file
  4. Use the “Share” option and find the One Drive app and choose to upload the file to One Drive
  5. Let it do it’s “thang”. It will take a while depending on your network connection
  6. When done, open the One Drive app again and find the file you have just uploaded. It should be on the first screen you come to
  7. Click on the three dots to the right of the file and choose Share or Share With, type in Mrs Martin’s glow username (the first part of her email address, before the bit)
  8. Mrs Martin will now be able to see this file and will automatically get an email letting her know it is there.

Alternatively, you could create a YouTube account. You probably already have one as YouTube assigns an account when you install the app. Follow these instructions to do it this way:


  1. Open the YouTube App on your phone/device
  2. Click on the video camera icon at the top of the window in YouTube
  3. At this point you will probably asked to “Allow Access” to the camera/folders etc. You will need to allow these to get access to your files. It does not give YouTube the company access to your phone, just the app
  4. Select the video you wish to upload by tapping on it
  5. Give the video a sensible title, but don’t click Upload yet
  6. Scroll down and look for the Privacy setting for your video
  7. Choose Unlisted, then click on Upload at the top of the screen
  8. Be patient the next bit will take a while as YouTube uploads then compresses the video. Upload speeds are always much slower than download speeds
  9. When it says, “Ready to Watch”, click on the three dots on the right, select “Share” and then “Copy Link”
  10. Post the link in the P1b Team or send it to Mrs Martin depending on whether you want anyone else to see it or not.
  11. Unlisted means that the video will be stored in your online YouTube account, but cannot be seen by anyone unless they have the link.

There is a practical difference between the two options outlined above. Using the One Drive option, the class teacher has access to the file and can download it to their own machine or upload it into Teams. With the YouTube option, the teacher only has access to see the file, but can share the link (not the file itself) in Teams. The YouTube option only takes up space in YouTube and it is only the link text that is being used in Teams, so the space taken on Teams to do this is miniscule in comparison.

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