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Teams Meeting Etiquette


Teams meetings can potentially very busy and confusing. Below are Blackness Primary’s top Teams Meeting Etiquette tips. Following these instructions will ensure that pupils and staff get the most out of the daily Teams meetings.


  1. Mute the microphone before entering. Having the microphone on when you enter can be uncomfortable for everyone already in the meeting. It can cause nasty feedback sounds.
  2. Keep microphone muted unless asked to speak
  3. If you want to speak, use the “Raise Hand” option to show the teacher you wish to speak. Then wait until your teacher says your name before unmuting the microphone
  4. Be Aware – We can Hear you. It may seem self explanatory, but many pupils and parents forget. When your microphone is on, it can hear a lot, picking up background conversations in the room and sometimes beyond. Let everyone in the house know you are going on a meeting helps to stop embarrassing moments e.g. when Dad is walking past singing his favourite song at the top of his voice.
  5. Be Aware – We can See you. See above 😉 No-one wants to see your grumpy big brother doing push-ups in his towel. There might also be parts of the house or people in the house that parents/carers don’t want others to see. Choose your background carefully.
  6. Keep Focussed. Although you may have the cutest puppy EVER, or the FLUFFIEST pair of slippers anyone’s ever seen, showing these in a Teams meeting (unless asked to) can be very distracting for other pupils. They may miss some vital information being given during these sessions because you have you feet in view of the camera.
  7. Find the Quietest Spot in your house. We know this is tricky in many households, but it helps with maintaining concentration. Nerf gun battles in the background are a definite no no!
  8. Use Headphones if possible. These can cut out background noises, helping with concentration, and mean that other people in the house are less distracted by your conversation. Using only one earphone/earpiece can help if you have a tendency to shout while having the headphones on 😉
  9. Stay Safe. You should only go into a Teams meeting that has been arranged for you by your class teacher or a member of staff from the school. No-one else will arrange a meeting with you.
  10. Be Kind and Respect Others. This is advice for not only Teams, but all of Glow. When you start in Blackness, each pupil and parent/carer signs and dates an Acceptable User Policy (AUP) that states that, when using ICT resources in Blackness, they will be kind, courteous and safe with others online in the establishment and beyond. As always, we expect a high level of behaviour from all pupils in Blackness, at all times.
  11. Don’t panic! If you miss a meeting because of poor connection or any other reason, don’t worry. It is easy to email your teacher (within school hours) or drop a message into the Team after the meeting. If technical issues persist, email the school ( for help. We will quite possibly be able to find a solution.

Please note – If this guidance is being regularly ignored after being spoken to by teacher, Mr Hughes will phone parents to talk through the difficulties behaviours are causing. Repeatedly ignoring the guidance may result in restricted access in meetings for all or Glow accounts being suspended.

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