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Orange group-Making a campfire out of play dough with circuits

Today we made a campfire out of play dough. First we loaded up the squishy circuit app and chose what we wanted to make. We selected the campfire .We looked at the instructions and began to make all the shapes we would need to make the flames and the rocks around the campfire.

We used red and orange LED lights, black, orange, red and white  play dough. Once we made the structure of the campfire we placed the LED lights in the play dough. The instructions said to begin by making a white ring with insulating dough and line the outside of the white ring with small pieces of black dough.These will be rocks around your fire ring. Then we created a thick disc shape, using red dough and placed the disc inside of the white fire ring. Using both the red and orange dough we created the flames for inside the fire ring.Next, we placed the flames onto the red disc shape inside the fire ring. Remember to alternate the colours whilst placing. We added In four LEDs and made sure to have the long terminals into the black dough. The short terminals were then be inserted into the red disc inside the fire ring. We lit up the fire by attaching the battery holder wire, inserting the red wire into one of the black dough pieces.Next, we inserted the black wire into the red disc inside the fire ring. The power  switch on the battery holder to “on” to light up the fire!

Dark Blue group-Boombox play dough circuit

Today in class we made a boom box 💥 circuit. We used red, black and yellow play dough, a buzzer and a battery. To do this we started by making our model boom box then making a music note to connect the buzzer and the battery together. We have made a time-lapse to show you what to do. Click the link to watch it now. Continue reading Dark Blue group-Boombox play dough circuit

Yellow group – play-dough sculpture circuits

Today we were making play-dough sculptures and made them into circuits. We decided to make a caterpillar 🐛.

We used blue, orange, green and white play-dough. The white play-dough is an insulator. The rest are conductors. Also we used 2 orange LED lights and a battery pack🔋. We needed 2 googly eyes but we did not have any so we made some paper eyes.

After we finished we tried to make a dinosaur but it took too long 🦕. The body was made out of different coloured play-dough. The eyes were made from paper. We all enjoyed this task for science. When we turned the batteries on the LED lights turned on and the caterpillar looked very cool 💡.We used the insulator play-dough to stop the positive and negative electrons from colliding. Here are some photos we took during this activity.


Light blue group – whale project

Today we were doing a squishy circuits project. Our project was to make a whale.

Our equipment was blue dough, blue l.e.d bulb, black dough, white insulating dough, a battery pack and 4 double a batteries.


Create the whales body by making a tear shape with the blue dough. Then create the tail by pinching the end and folding it up off the table. Then to create the eyes flatten two bits of white insulating dough and put two bits of black dough on top of the white dough. Then to make the blowhole you have to flatten another bit of insulating dough and place onto the top of the whales head. Then to create the spout you have to roll up a bit of blue dough and stack it on top of the white dough. Then put the l.e.d. bulb short leg in the blowhole and the long leg into the body of the whale. Then get the battery pack and put the red wire in the body of the whale and the black wire into the spout then turn on the battery pack and it should light up.