Trip to Duthie Park

We had lots of fun creating mini beasts today and using our bug pots to identify different bugs that we found. We were able to find spiders, beetles, centipedes, millipedes and snails.

Releasing the butterflies

Yesterday it was time to say goodbye to the butterflies and release them into the wild.

We went to visit Cafe 24. We ate lots of yummy cakes.


We also had great fun learning about different bugs on our trip to Aberdeen Science Centre.

image image


Primary 2 have been preparing talks about their favourite mini beasts. They did very well delivering them to the class. We now know lots of interesting facts about different mini beasts.

image image image

We were very kindly invited through to P2/3 to look at their pyramids. We enjoyed giving them feedback on their designs.

Butterflies have arrived!

Primary 2 are very excited to announce that Wiggles and Alvin have now hatched into beautiful butterflies.

Wiggles wings have turned from brown to orange. We are feeding them juicy tangerine to help them grow strong and help their wings grow.

Matisse Montages

Our caterpillars have now moved to their new home in the chrysalis station.


We have been researching the artist Henri Matisse. We know that he liked to use bright colours and ¬†cut out shapes to create montages. One of his most famous pieces was called ‘The Snail.’ ¬†Luisa’s family very kindly donated some canvases to our class so we decided to recreate our own montage of a snail on canvas.

This week our star writers wrote fantastic acrostic poems about different mini beasts.


Sticky web maker.

Pearcing black eight legged beast.

Ink coloured insect.

Dies when somebody stamps on it.

Eager to make a web.

Really super duper black.


Mega fast, never slow.

A ninja of stealth.

Natural ninja.

They are leaf cutters did you know?

Incredible creatures.

Super animal.


Frogs start as eggs.

Round eggs too.

Out pops a tadpole.

Growing arms and legs.