Beware giant spider on the run!!!

This week we have been busy reporters. A giant spider escaped and it was our job to write about it. We had to create catchy headlines and think about the 5 W’s (WHERE did the event take place, WHEN did it happen, ¬†WHO was involved, WHAT happened and WHY did it happen).

We used the computers to search for images of spiders. We then included these images in our newspaper reports.

We have also been learning about different disabilities. We participated in different activities and discussed the challenges people with disabilities may face. We were able to think of different ways of adapting the activities.

Welcome back!

In maths this week we have been learning all about money. We had fun using the giant coins to add up different amounts.

In literacy this week we have been learning words contains the e_e sound.

We have been busy making crowns to celebrate the queens birthday.