People Who Help Us

We have been learning how to set out a letter correctly. We wrote letters to Tiresome Ted to tell him how sorry Katie Morag was for throwing him in the river. We then created our own Isle of Struay stamps.

We have been looking at maps of the world and identifying where we live. We also looked at which countries are beside the United Kingdom. We had fun trying to draw the shapes of different countries.

We were very lucky to receive a visit from some firemen today. We got to climb inside the fire engine! We know all about how the fire service can help us.

We had lots of fun working together to think of different ways to travel across the ladders in the playground.

Teddy Bear Hospital

On Monday we celebrated Chinese New Year. We have been learning how Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated and we made Chinese lanterns to decorate the classroom. We know that red is a lucky colour in China. Kung hei  fat choi – wishing you a prosperous new year.

On Wednesday our teddies were given lots of care and treatment by the doctors from Aberdeen University. We had lots of fun learning how to put on bandages and plasters. Our teddy bears were very brave!



We have been learning to read and write  words containing the letter y (fly, dry, sky). We know that to make the igh sound the y usually comes at the end of the word.

Katie Morag and the two Grandmothers

This week in spelling we have been learning how to spell words containing the igh sound.

We have enjoyed acting out some of the Katie Morag stories. Grandma Mainland  is our favourite character to play. We have been learning how to retell parts of the story to a friend.