Living on an island

This week we started our new topic, My Community. We have been thinking about our community and how different life might be for us if we lived on an island. We had fun designing our own islands. We then used our maps to describe where places are on our islands by using co-ordinates.

Bonjour! We have been learning some more French this week. We can now do the register in French and know different ways to greet one another.

We used word bones and letter cubes to learn how to spell some common words.

Au revoir!




Making Music

This week we have been busy making music. We read the story ‘Yo Ho Ho’ which was all about pirate life. In groups we thought about how we could retell parts of the story through music. We had great fun creating sounds of crashing waves and squawking parrots.

In literacy this week we have been learning how to say and spell words containing the phoneme ou. We have been using our beads to make different ou words and sentences.

image image


In maths this week we have been creating symmetrical patterns. We can now identify symmetrical shapes and patterns and are beginning to draw lines of symmetry on some shapes. We had fun painting symmetrical butterflies.






image image image image

This week we have been planning treasure hunts around the classroom. We have been learning to work in groups, design treasure and write instructions to find the hidden treasure. We found turning left and right quite challenging.

Nativity Time

image image

Room 9 and 10 have been working incredibly hard learning their lines and songs for their performance of A Little Bird Told Me. Their hard work certainly paid off! They performed exceptionally well in their nativity performance this week.