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Numeracy and Mathematics

Welcome to the Numeracy and Mathematics section of SALi.  Gathered here are all of the resources, video clips, links and documents that we hope practitioners across Argyll and Bute will find useful.  If there is anything further we can do to improve this section then please feel free to make a suggestion!

Northern Alliance Numeracy and Mathematics Learning Progression

Click on the following link to download the Northern Alliance Numeracy and Mathematics Learning Progression: Northern Alliance Numeracy and Mathematics Learning Progressions

PTM – Assessment Insight Webinar


Maths Week Scotland






Maths Week Scotland has now run successfully for two years – and planning for 2019 is already underway!  In the meantime, if you are looking for ideas or activities to use with your classes then click on the link above to get you started!

The National Numeracy and Mathematics Hub – access using your Glow login using the link below.

“The National Numeracy and Mathematics Hub is a virtual learning environment for all practitioners. The Hub provides an innovative approach to career-long professional learning for all practitioners in all sectors. For practitioners, this provides a fantistic opportunity to collaborate, and take part in CLPL in a virtual environment, which means that you can take part in the courses and events listed from the comfort of your own home!  Unfortunately you’ll have to buy your own biscuits!  It offers practitioners:

  • Professional learning in different aspects of numeracy with a focus on progression, numeracy and mathematics skills, numeracy across learning, assessment and moderation and teaching.
  • Career-long professional learning opportunities of various types such as broadcasts, professional reading and action research.
  • An easy to use environment where you can share and work with colleagues from across Scotland as well as those from your own school or authority.”

If you are having any problems accessing GLOW please contact for assistance.

Guidance on:  The Early Acquisition of Numeracy in Primary 1

This guidance has been developed after the completion of the first year of the SEAL project where 10 schools used this approach to teach numeracy to their primary one pupils.  In addition it also contains a progression framework for the use of Number Talks throughout Primary 1, as well as advice on the use of concrete materials, the importance of assessment, creating a numeracy rich environment, parental engagement and the teaching of numeracy outdoors.  a copy of this guidance was issued to all Primary 1 teachers who were able to attend the in-service day on Monday 13th August and will be sent directly to schools who were unable to attend.  Additional copies can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

This guidance is still in draft form and will be reviewed and updated based on the feedback that we receive from practitioners over the course of this session.  Short surveys will be sent out throughout the year however if you would like to offer comments and suggestions or you would like any further information then please contact fill in the survey found by following this link:

Guidance on the Early Acquisition of Numeracy in Primary 1

Numeracy and Mathematics Progression Framework

This framework has been designed by triangulating the information from the National Numeracy and Mathematics Progression Framework, the Experiences and Outcomes from Curriculum for Excellence and the final Benchmarks for Numeracy and Mathematics.

The Numeracy Forum has been consulted and staff across the council have also been asked to provide their views on the Draft Numeracy and Mathematics Progression Framework which was sent out to all schools in January 2017.

To bring this Framework in line with the final Benchmarks, some small changes have been made throughout. In addition, we hope that the refreshed layout provides clarity for all practitioners and shows the clear progression of skills required from Early level to Fourth level.

The purpose of this document is to offer a continuum of learning through to the end of the Broad General Education. This framework is designed to enhance assessment and moderation; provide staff with a framework to promote progression in learning and teaching; and enable the sharing of standards within schools, across school clusters and across the Authority.

Numeracy and Mathematics Progression Framework Version 2

PDF Version Numeracy and Mathematics Progression Framework Version 2

If you wish to provide any feedback or require more detail on the Argyll and Bute Council Numeracy and Mathematics Framework please contact

Looking for some ideas?  Check out the selection below:

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Learning across the curriculum

Continuous Lifelong Professional Learning

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Concrete Materials in Argyll and Bute

Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning

Click on the links below to find resources for each of the different organisers.  If you have any resources that you think could help support practitioners please contact Maria McArthur on this email address:

Angle, Symmetry and Transformation     Ideas of Chance and Uncertainty

Data and Analysis     Estimation and Rounding     Patterns and relationships

Expressions and Equations     Fractions, Decimal Fractions and Percentages

Number and Number Processes     Multiples, Factors and Primes     Powers and roots

Money     Time     Measurement     Properties of 2D shapes and 3D objects

Mathematics – its impact on the world, past, present and future