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Welcome to the Digital Learning section of SALi!  The Digital Learning Team supports teachers, school staff and pupils throughout Argyll and Bute in the use of technology in education.  The team also runs exciting extracurricular workshops at the Digital Hub in Dunoon, such as: creating video games with Kodu and Scratch; programming with the BBC micro:bit; using robots and drones; and we’ve even recreated the Dunoon Burgh Hall in Minecraft: Education Edition!

Below, you can find information on using digital technologies (which can be loaned from the Digital Learning Team) to create engaging activities and workshops.  You can also find useful resources and view feedback from the Digital Leaders and STEM events we have held.

Digital Learning Support Site and Webinars

The Digital Learning Team’s support site contains useful videos, guidance and resources for education staff.  You can access the site at:

The site also lists the team’s upcoming webinars, which staff are welcome to attend and which cover various subjects including Google Classroom, Glow, G Suite and Google Meet.  You can access the webinars page (which is regularly updated) of the site directly at:


Digital Technologies Workshop Ideas

BBC micro:bit Workshop  TinkerCAD Workshop Stop Motion Workshop Sphero Bolt Workshop Raspberry Pi Workshop Minecraft Workshop LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Workshop LEGO WeDo 2.0 Workshop Kodu Workshop Book Creator Workshop



Guidance on Data Sharing in Glow Online Safety & Cyber Security Security and Good Practice in Glow Glow Password Change Guidance

Learning Resources for Early Level (P1), First Level (P2-4) and Second Level (P5-7)


Feedback and Statistics

Digital Leader Events: 2017 – Campbeltown  2017 – Dunoon 2017 – Islay 2018 – Bute 2018 – Hackathon (Digital Hub Dunoon)  2018 – Mid Argyll  2018 – Mull 2018 – Tiree

STEM Events: 2019 – Mission to Mars (Dunoon)  2020 – Under the Sea (Oban)

General Stats: Digital Learning Team Stats for September 2018-19

Kodu 6-Week Teaching Pack

Kodu is an application developed by Microsoft which introduces young people to computer games design. The visual programming language allows students to design and build three-dimensional games.  Kodu helps young people to learn the core concepts of computer science through a project approach which includes narrative writing, design and maths.


Kodu 6 Week Teaching Pack: Click the links below to download the resources.