Blog 2- Halloween (2021)

It was Halloween and our class wanted to dress up because we couldn’t go guising. So everyone came to school dressed up. We started our fantastic Halloween celebration in the afternoon. All of the class got to go through to the big classroom and play with messy play, art, sand and many more things. Afterwards our very kind and generous Janette took some time out of her day to set our class a treasure hunt. Everyone had a great run around. After that we played a couple games like musical statues and loads more exciting games. Then we got some yummy treats and watched a little film. Finally we had one more game before it was time to go home.

Everyone put in so much effort and the teachers and staff were so kind because they set this up for us ( it was even more difficult because we have restrictions due to this pandemic). I would like to show respect by saying thank you for that hard work (we have been learning about respect in class). My favourite part of the afternoon was messy play- I hope we get to do more of it!


Emma Walker P7