Remote Learning

Physical Packs: Each child has been issued with a physical pack to be completed everyday Monday-Friday.  The pack contains Numeracy and Literacy activities alongside optional activities for STEM, HWB, Art etc.

Google Classrooms: We have populated our google classrooms page with activities and virtual learning links we hope your child(ren) will enjoy. They may also be directed to Google Classrooms to support the work in their physical pack. Google Classrooms is a great place for sharing learning too. I have set the children a ‘sharing the learning’ activity for week 2.

Reading Eggs/Sumdog: Your child(ren) have been set assignments on their sumdog and reading eggs accounts to consolidate the other work they are engaging with daily. Encourage them to log in and complete this work. These programmes also have lots of fun games for our child(ren) to choose from.

Google Meet/Live: Every day (Mon-Thurs) there is a Google Meet at 11am for the whole class. Here, we will discuss our learning (from the pack or google classrooms), play games, read stories, take part in quizzes and other interactive learning.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (from week 3 onwards) there will also be a Google Meet at 1pm for group 1 and 1.30pm for group 2. This will allow us to introduce new learning.

On Mondays and Fridays (from week 3 onwards) at 1pm there will be a Google Meet story time offered to all children (ELC and Primary).

Visits: On Friday’s I will visit all families (in the garden) to drop off new learning materials and have a quick check-in with the children.

Support: If your family needs additional support beyond the measures we have put in place, please get in touch and we can tailor our practice to suit your needs.