Bath and Beauty

For my Endeavour topic I did Beauty and Bath. Endeavour is a long term personal project where you get to choose something to do that you might not be good at or might have never did before. In Endeavour you don’t pick something that is easy or hard you pick something that you will find problems to overcome and maybe a wee bit challenging. Because I was doing Beauty and Bath I decided to make Bath bombs. I chose to make bath bombs over anything else to do with beauty and bath because when I was little I always loved getting bath bombs from different stores like Lush so I wanted to make them for everyone to buy at the Endeavour fair.
When I was making my bath bombs my mum helped me because I was needing someone to help film the video I made on how to make bath bombs, making sure that I was measuring everything correctly and to make sure nothing went wrong. A funny thing/problem that happened while I was making my bath bombs was that when I was making my first set I put too much food colouring into the mixture and they kept on swelling and swelling until they turned into the shape of cakes!
The skills I learned  was being able to space out everything I did, being able to be patient, overcoming challenges like the bath bombs that turned out like cakes, making a questionnaire on excel and making bath bombs. The main thing I achieved was having time to do everything and getting on with work even though I could of did more stuff if I focused at the start of the year. My endeavour was ambitious because I had never did bath bomb making but during the end of the year I felt like I had achieved a huge amount of things. I also feel very proud of my endeavour this year because this was my first year doing endeavour so that means that everyone else has had a head start and knew what was expected to happen. This means that hopefully I can do even better next year for endeavour.  See my video below.
By Lauren Macdonald P6


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