Campus Eco Schools Success

The Lochgilphead Joint Campus Eco Schools Committee have joined the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Campaign for School Gardening and are reaping the benefits by reaching Level 3 of the organisations Benchmarking Scheme. This was achieved by providing evidence of pupil’s class work, putting a holiday maintenance scheme in place for the campus garden, growing a range of plants (see table by clicking HERE)  adopting sustainable gardening practices, using appropriate signs and labels for seedlings & plants in the campus garden and finally showing the pupils in action using all of their gardening skills.

All of the evidence was submitted to the RHS and the campus was rewarded by receiving a ‘Large Vegetable Garden’ pack which they will receive in September. The pack will include baby plants such as; Rocket, Mixed Lettuce, French Green Beans, Runner Beans, Beetroot Peas, Courgettes to name but a few. These will be grown and supplied to the Campus Kitchen, Home Economics Department and the Additional Support Needs Lifeskills Kitchen.

There are five levels in all so the campus is well on their way to completing all benchmarking requirements.

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