Spring Watch at Small Isles

At the end of March Dyllan and Davina’s Grandad came and fitted our new bird box camera. We thought we were too late to get any birds nesting in it this year, so we did a challenge to research what species of bird might like to make their home in it, ready for next Spring. On Monday 20th April there was great excitement because we had a bluetit sitting in our box and seven eggs! Just as the children were coming into school this morning the eggs started to hatch, and as of 3.45pm when the children went home, there were five tiny chicks. Our very own Spring Watch!

3 thoughts on “Spring Watch at Small Isles

  1. They have now all hatched and both male and female are busy keeping them fed. What a fantastic thing to be able to watch!

  2. Update as of today – all our chicks have hatched. They’re not very pretty because they are bald! Mum and Dad are busy keeping them fed.

  3. Wonderful! It must be so exciting to watch. Please keep us updated with their progress.

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