Come and Play Week at the Stramash Outdoor Nursery

It’s been a busy week at the Stramash Outdoor Nursery, with over 60 parents and carers joining the children in the great outdoors. Lots of seeds and flowers have been planted, as well as making flower pots out of recycled cans. Parents have been involved in storytelling and some have even been climbing the trees with the children and making mud stew in their outdoor kitchen.

The children have made a” pirate ship” with logs during the week and have even set up a plank to make their parents and carers “walk the plank”! Using some wood, the children have made a fantastic outdoor domino set over the week that they are already using to further develop their numeracy skills.

Both parents and children have also been learning all about maps this week as they have been making pirate treasure maps out of natural materials and learning where to find the treasure by using a giant rope grid on the ground. Lots of treasure has been found!

The week has provided a great opportunity for parents and carers to engage with their children’s learning and development through shared outdoor learning. We can’t wait for the next Come and Play week!

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  1. Uncle Craig loved Stay and Play, but was upset when Riona didn’t chose him, all the activities sounded great fun with lots of learning taking place in the exciting enviroment

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